31DC2016 Inspired by a Song – Beyoncé’s Lemonade


I couldn’t decide on just one song for today’s prompt, so instead I went for the album itself: Beyoncé’s LemonadeContinue reading

31DC2016 Stripes – Baby Ducks


I love these nails! They’re similar to the frog ones in my last post and I really like how cute the design looks. Continue reading

31DC2016 Yellow – Neon Triangles


I’m really happy with how this design turned out, though it ended up being a long process.  Continue reading

31DC2015 Yellow – Tropical Birds


Another design I really like! This was going to be just canaries at first, but then I got the idea to add the blue and green details so it didn’t look as bland. Now they’re just random tropical birds :) The yellow is Sally Girl Canary, the polish that inspired the design. I didn’t want anything neon or pastel but just a saturated yellow. The application was tricky because my bottle is pretty much on its last legs, but the top coat smoothed out a lot of the imperfections.


For the accent nail, I applied one coat of Sparitual Low Tide, let that dry, then dabbed on several coats of Sinful Colors Green Ocean, a beautiful blue-green flakie. For the birds, I used Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink to outline. The green and blue details are Revlon Sassy and Sephora by OPI Natural Environ-mint. Before applying them, I wiped the brushes a few times so they would give a streaky effect.

Spring Yellow & Green Color Blocked Nails


I’m so glad the snow is finally melting where I live – it was nice for a while, but Spring can’t come soon enough. In anticipation of the warmer weather, I decided to break out my greens and yellows (colors I love but don’t use enough) for a more lively look.


I went with Sally Girl Canary and Ciaté Apple & Custard. The green applied well, but I had to do a couple extra coats of the yellow because my bottle is almost empty and half dried out. I got some slight bubbling and it took forever to dry, but I really like it. I free-handed the white lines with a striping polish.

31DC2014 Yellow: Sunflowers


This design came out kind of messy, and not like I had planned it. I was tempted to do it over, but I just want to move on to green now! The yellow, Sally Girl Canary, wasn’t as obvious as I wanted it to be against the white, so I used an orange, Kleancolor Sangria Burst, to make it stand out more. The leaves are Sinful Colors Athens and Sinful Colors Pacific Ocean. For the insides, I used Sinful Colors Nirvana with dots of the Kleancolor. I had planned on using some nail art stripers for this, but I was away from my house and forgot to grab them, only taking the white one. I would like to retry this one in the future.

31 Day Challenge 2013: Yellow


I had several techniques in mind in order to achieve this look. Stickers were my first choice, but I couldn’t find any that I liked. Then, I tried the newspaper nails technique, except I didn’t have any newspaper or alcohol handy. I printed the word HAZARD on regular printing paper then tried a couple different perfumes and even hydrogen peroxide, but none worked. So, finally I drew the letters in with sharpie, and went over them with a black striper. Then, I fixed the edges with a yellow striper. The base color I used is Sinful Colors Neon Melon, a lime-yellow neon. I applied 2 coats over 2 coats of white, since otherwise it is too streaky and sheer. I really do love this neon though, it looks so bright and happy in person. The word HAZARD came out a little funky since I didn’t space out the letters well and didn’t have enough room for a proper R or D. But I think it still looks pretty good.

Neon Zebra Nails


Did these for an 80s party I went to. I used three Sinful Colors polishes – the neon yellow is Neon Melon, the purple on the tips is Dream On, and the pink in the middle (though it kind of turned orange) is Pink. I used the Kiss Nail Art striper in Black, and Art Club’s striper in Fine Gold.

Smileys on Yellow-Orange Gradient


Gradient colors in order starting from thumb:

Sinful Colors Neon Melon
Kleancolor Neon Yellow
Sinful Colors Pull Over
Sinful Colors Clementine
Sinful Colors Citrine
Kleancolor Sangria Burst
Sinful Colors Pink

I sponged China Glaze’s 5 Golden Rings over the gradient so I would only get some of the glitter and not the base color. The colors are much brighter and neon than the photo shows, especially the pink and deeper oranges. For the smiley faces, I used a dotter for the eyes, and a nail art brush for the smile with black polish.

31 Day Challenge: Yellow


31 Day Challenge: Yellow

Sinful Colors Neon Melon
Sinful Colors Unicorn
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening
wet n wild shine French White Creme