Tropical Foil Nail Art

The weather’s still a little cool in my area, but I really wanted to do some Summer-inspired tropical nails. These are loosely based (mainly the plants) on this esNAIL design. Instead of using pearls, I incorporated gold foil. Although I have nail art foil, this time I used Heidi Swapp Foil Flakes. I actually bought these with the intention of using them in my bullet journal, and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized these were practically identical in both shade and texture to my nail art foil flakes.

For the background, I dabbed on OPI Color Paints Primarily Yellow, Turquoise Aesthetic, and Pen & Pink using a sponge. I like how they blended, but I was hoping for a more pastel look, and they turned out too dark. As for the palms and flowers, I used various nail art polishes and some of my Sally Hansen nail art pens. The palms looked good in the beginning, but I kept trying to make them better, and they just got messier. Next time I’ll have to stop myself from overdoing it on a design! But, overall I’m pretty happy with these nails.

Summer Nail Art – Marble Nautical + 31DC2016


This is the final design in my series of summer nail art. I had planned to post a different set of nails using a nautical stamping plate, but I wasn’t happy with the result. Continue reading

Summer Nail Art – Stamped Beach Accessories


I decided to do a couple stamped designs for my summer nail art series. Stamping is always so tricky for me and I don’t practice it nearly enough. The polishes I have aren’t meant for stamping, so they’re not as thick and consequently don’t transfer the images as well. This took me several tries, especially since I kept stamping the pattern on wrong – either lopsided or only half the image. After having to carefully wipe off the white and fix the gradients several times, I finally managed a look I was okay with, though the accent nail still bugs me.

For the gradient I applied four OPI Color Paint polishes: Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange, Pen & Pink, and Purple Perspective. I love this sunset color scheme and did something similar on my recent Tropical Sunset Palm Nails. In contrast to the rest of the design, my accent nails feature a block gradient where I just used the polish brushes to blend the colors. To stamp the images, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, though I hope to eventually buy stamping polishes in white and black. Sorry for the chip on my middle nail by the way – I couldn’t take photos of these right away and by the time I could, it had chipped.

Summer Nail Art – Rio Olympics 2016


I would have done Olympics nail art sooner but  it completely slipped my mind, until a friend showed me her nails and I realized I hadn’t done any.  Continue reading

Summer Nail Art – Glittering Seashore


This is the second design in my summer nail art series. I knew I wanted to do a beach, and I definitely wanted to use some tint nail polishes to create a watery gradient.  Continue reading

31DC2015 Blue – Under the Sea


I think I’ve been doing pretty good so far. Yesterday’s mani was on top of the water and now we’re going below the surface! I was really excited about the idea, but it ended up being one of those designs that looks better in your head. I tried to recreate the tropical fish as best I could, but I think they would have looked better outlined. If you’re wondering what the pink and purple lines are, they’re supposed to be coral.


The background blue I used is Sinful Colors Grecian Sun. I sponged Brucci Kathy’s Baby Blues near the base of the nail to depict the water lit by sunlight. I used a lot of polishes for the rest of the design, so I’ll just list them below.

Kleancolor Bikini Green
Revlon Eclectic
Kiss Nail Art Beach Pink
Sinful Colors Nail Art Sour Grapes, No More, Sunset
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Fresh Paint Passion Fruit
Sinful Colors Pink

Stamped Fruit Nail Art


I love fruit manis and I think this design came out really cute! Even though it’s been kind of rainy lately, this just reminds me of eating fruit on a hot summer day. The plate I used is number Y004 by Ya Qin An, and it has several fruit designs. I bought it off the Born Pretty Store website, and you can get it here. They’ve also got some nail art photos that use the plates if you want some ideas on how to use it.

I used mainly sheer colors to fill in the fruit so I wouldn’t cover up the black outline. But since I don’t have many sheer tint polishes, I ended up mixing a few to get the colors I wanted. Last minute I decided to add the little heart rhinestone as a cute detail so the grape nails wouldn’t look as empty.

Sparitual Dreamsicle
Sparitual Emerald City
Kleancolor Sheer Red
Ciaté Loop the Loop
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Black Heart
Pure Ice Super Star

2 Nail Art Designs Using Born Pretty Stamping Plates

I’m so excited because my Born Pretty stamping plates finally arrived this week! I don’t stamp often, so I only had a couple of older plates that just weren’t catching my eye anymore. I ordered these off the Born Pretty Store on Amazon.


I didn’t use any polishes specifically meant for stamping, but I think the images transferred well. My nails are really curved, so I did have some issues with patchy areas. I think I just wasn’t rolling the stamper on properly since I didn’t have as much of a problem on my thumb nail which is flatter.

For the watercolor background, I applied nail polish on a piece of paper towel, scrunched it up, then dabbed that onto my nails, making sure I didn’t overdo it with a certain color or cover up all the white.

Pure Ice Super Star
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Black Heart
Sinful Colors Pull Over
Piggy Polish Blue-ming Romance
Sephora by OPI Personal Shopper
Sinful Colors Most Sinful


This is the first one I did, when I was mainly just trying out the stamping plates. I’m not a huge fan of the color combination, but I think the design turned out nice. I love how the red bikinis look on top of the words.

Revlon Sassy
Sparitual Yes, I Can
Sinful Colors Most Sinful
Sephora by OPI Personal Shopper

Below is the plate I used. It has a nice mix of both full and accent images. Not only do I love the beachy/summer theme, but I see myself using all of it. I’ve passed on a lot of stamping plates in the past because there are always a few designs I don’t like, but that’s not the case with this one.



This is my other favorite – the nesting dolls are so cute and I’m a sucker for sweater patterns. I think I’d use this one more during the holiday season.


The plates all come with a blue protective cover that needs to be peeled off. The large rectangular plates also have a white backing attached to them. I’m not a fan of the backing because there ends up being more I have to clean later. Each plate (both large and small) also comes with a patterned slip cover for protection. Since the pattern doesn’t continue on the back, I wrote the themes on that side so that in the future I don’t have to pull them all out to find the one I want to use.


My order also came with a pink organizer for the small round plates. I didn’t specifically order it, so I’m not sure if that’s always included or not, but it came in handy to store my other plates that don’t have covers. I can’t wait to try out all the different designs!


Summer Floral Nail Art


I was originally going to do a design inspired by a scarf I bought, but I didn’t like the end result, so I decided to change it last minute. I had used green for the background, but it ended up looking too messy. Sorry about the glare on the nails, the design is kind of hard to see.

Sparitual Yes, I Can
Sparitual Dreamsicle
Sparitual A World of Compassion
Sinful Colors Easy Going
Sinful Colors Espionage