Yellow Dot Nail Art

I’ve been really feeling the color yellow lately, so I did some simple bright polka dot nails. The lighter yellow is ORLY Lemonade and the darker yellow is Sinful Colors Pull Over. I wasn’t sure how opaque the ORLY would be, so I first applied a coat of white, but it only took me two coats. I don’t have the best luck with pastel yellows so I was pleasantly surprised with this one!

31DC2016 Polka Dots – Cute Frogs


I think this design turned out pretty cute. I wanted to stamp the frog faces, but the stamp I had in mind turned out to be a duck’s face instead, so I just freehanded them. Luckily I did have one frog stamp from my Born Pretty plate (BP-L 001) that I used on my ring finger nail. In hindsight, I think the polka dots would have looked better if they were slightly bigger and more spread apart, but I’m still happy with the results.

Sparitual Weathered the Storm
Ciaté Apple & Custard

31DC2015 Animal Print – Koi Scales


Animal print is one of my favorite prompts for this challenge because there are so many possibilities. I had a lot of fun with this dotticure and it was so quick to do. I began with two coats of Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen – which actually does smell like fabric softener. I then placed random clusters of dots using Sparitual Kindness. This is a beautiful orange with gold shimmer that is perfect for the fall season (I definitely want to use this color as a base for another design soon). I looked up some koi photos and tried to mimic how the scales looked in terms of color. There are many varieties of koi, but the one I used as a guide had some black in the orange parts, so I added black dots as well. For the white/gray scales, I mixed Fresh Paint Firefly with Fresh Linen, then placed them in the open areas, making sure to leave some uncovered space so they would actually look like distinct dots.

31DC2015 Polka Dots – Ornate Design


I’m glad to be getting back into the 31DC2015 after a month of Halloween designs. I didn’t really have a plan for these nails, so I just picked out a few colors I wanted to use together and winged it – I love how the gold glitter looks with the orange!

Fresh Paint Passion Fruit
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold
Kleancolor Sangria Burst
Sinful Colors Pull Over

31DC2014 Polka Dots: On Pink


I didn’t have too many ideas for polka dots, so I went with something easy. I used Wet ‘n’ Wild Tickled Pink on two-thirds of my nails, and once that had dried, I layered Sinful Colors Tutu, a perfect sheer pink, over it. For the white polka dots, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme White On. I had meant to do a gradient as the background, and was hoping the sheer pink could blur out the darker pink a bit, but that didn’t work out. Next time, I plan to definitely use more than two shades, or use a sponge for blending.

31DC2014 Green: Diamonds


I’m back with green! For this design, I started with two coats of Revlon Jaded. Then, using Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me to Heaven, I drew the diamond shape, filling in the outside parts. With Finger Paints Scenery Greenery, the darker green, I painted the edges of the diamond to give it a gradient-like effect. For the metallic dots, I used Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything. At this point I had planned to be finished, but thought it looked too empty in the middle, so I added the tiny diamonds.

Gingerbread Man and Peppermint Candy Nail Art


I got the idea for this nail art from a pair of pajamas. I really like the color combination even though pink isn’t really a color I associate with Christmas. It makes me want to eat something sweet! I used Sinful Colors Pink Forever for the base and acrylic paint for everything else. I’ve been using acrylic paints more often recently and for detailed designs like this they’re much easier to work with than nail polish.

Within the next couple of days I’ll post my 31 Day Nail Art Challenge summary. I’m glad I was able to finish it faster than last year. Hopefully next time it will take less than three months.

31 Day Challenge 2013: Polka Dots


I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. Although next time, I think I’d make the dots smaller. I used a lot of colors for this design:
Kleancolor Metallic Orange, Metallic Pink, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Green, Metallic Purple
Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos, Confetti

4th of July Nails


Kind of late, but Happy 4th of July! The silver is Sinful Colors Charmed with Cover Girl disco dazzle on top. The blue is Sinful Colors Blue By You, and the red is Kleancolor Bite Me. It has a lot of shimmer that isn’t showing up well in the photo; it’s also slightly darker in person.

Grayscale Mixed Patterns Nail Art


This one started out as just an ombre design, but then I added the floral print and stripes. The gray on the ring finger isn’t as blue as it shows up on camera.

Wet N Wild Black Creme
ICING matte Gargoyle
Cosmetic Arts (unnamed silver)
Sinful Colors Cool Grey, Snow Me White