Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Sugar Skull Nail Art

When I started this design I wasn’t sure if I should add any embellishments to the sugar skulls apart from the painted designs, but I’m so glad I did. The pearls and bows really make a huge difference to how the design looks overall. Due to the size of the skulls, the designs I did weren’t detailed, just mainly dots. The deco ties everything together and makes them look fancier.

I wasn’t able to take photos outside, so I had to use indoor lighting instead. Because of that the holo in the background doesn’t look that strong, but under the right lighting it’s amazing. I used the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome in Holographic Kit and it worked really well. I was skeptical at first because I had previously bought the pink version and it didn’t work at all, but I saw the holo version and had to give that a try. I’ll have a review of that up sometime next week!

Anyway, to paint the skulls I used Fresh Paint Firefly, a light gray. Some of them came out looking more like skulls than others, but thankfully the deco covers the majority of the misshapen parts. I think this nail art came out pretty cute and it’s a great option for a not-so-dark Halloween design.


31DC2017 Delicate – Pink Roses Nails

This is my first super pink and feminine design in a while and I love it! I wasn’t sure what to do at the beginning, but I knew I wanted to use a pink shimmery color, then eventually got the idea to add the roses. Although the pink nail polish has some silver shimmer in it, it’s not that noticeable once on the nail, so I sponged a bit of shimmer on top from another polish.

The roses came with some nail art accessories my sister gave me a couple months ago and I hadn’t used them until now. They look like they’re made of clay, but it turns out they’re actually soft and rubbery. They were easy to apply and I was still able to remove them carefully enough to reuse them. Finally, I added the dark pink pearls to complement the roses and fill in the space on the branches.

Sinful Colors Miss Chief
Sinful Colors Take Me To Heaven
BNC 717

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31DC2017 Yellow – Matte Rainbows Nails

I love how this nail art turned out! I’ve been really liking the matte look recently. For this design, I painted on the clouds just using the polish brush, then added the rainbow with the different nail art liners. I wanted to keep it simple, so on the purple nails I just put pearls.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow
Revlon Charming
Kiss Nail Art Soft Pink, Soft Purple, Soft Blue
Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven

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31DC2014 Galaxy: Watercolor Galaxies


Not sure how I feel about these nails. I was planning on doing pastel galaxy since I’ve done regular galaxies in the past, but I think the design came out kind of messy. Still, they didn’t take me long to do which is nice, especially since I’m trying to do these daily. It’s pretty challenging, but I guess that’s the point!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Shine French White Creme
Ciaté Sugar Plum, Kiss Chase, Loop the Loop
Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
ORLY Snowcone

31DC2014 Half Moon: Glow in the Dark Moons


From the beginning I’d planned to use a glow in the dark polish for Half Moon day, because I wanted to make it look like moons in the night sky. So, I was a bit disappointed when I tried Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark for my Halloween Nails, because I couldn’t see any glow. I read up on it, and found out I had to “charge” them by holding my nails up to a light source. As soon as I did that, I could definitely see a green glow. I’ll also mention that I didn’t apply any base color to that section, and used 2-3 coats of the glow in the dark polish.


For the rest of the nails I used China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires, a rich blue with silver shimmer. To make the half moons, I used hole reinforcements, applied the layers of glow in the dark polish, then peeled off the stickers before the polish was entirely dry. I then used the China Glaze polish, which is more opaque, to color in the rest of the nail and correct the half moon shapes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of the nails in the dark, but they looked really cool.

Pearls & Pastels Half Moon Nails


Sinful Colors Beverly Hills (purple/pink)
Sinful Colors Cool Grey (actually, the bottle I have is nameless, but after doing some research I’m pretty sure that’s the color)

I bought both of these polishes recently at a local dollar store. Cool Grey is two coats, and so is Beverly Hills, though you could get away with just one. For the half moons, I used paper reinforcement stickers; they give a really clean line, though for this design it’s not too important, since the pearls cover it.

Old Photo: Ayumi Hamasaki MY STORY Nails


This design was inspired by the nails Ayumi Hamasaki wore on the cover of her MY STORY album. This is an old photo I took with my Ipod’s camera so the quality isn’t that good. I plan on redoing it eventually with orange (this photo was before I had any orange nail polish :D) and different bows.

Thumb: Sinful Colors – Fortune Cookie
Index: Kiss Nail Art – Soft Purple
Middle: Kiss Nail Art – Bikini Green
Ring: Kiss Nail Art – Soft Blue
Little: Sally Hansen – Lightening

Purple Glitter Nails


Sinful Colors Let’s Talk, Faceted, Let Me Go, Dream On
ICING Bet Me and Lose
Hurricane Nail Art White

Before this, I did a pink look using Revlon’s Nail Polish Duos in Post Modern (the pink side) and topped two of the nails on each hand with Revlon’s Girly, a new glitter that I really love. It’s a pink/lavender base and is packed with pink and purple glitter. I used Pro FX Long Wearing Top Coat, which is where the problem was. I bought it last week and first used it over Revlon’s Dreamer (which is a lovely blue similar to Orly’s Snowcone. Tes Did It Nails has a great blog post on the comparison.) Well, when I applied that top coat over Dreamer, I noticed it bubbled, a lot. So a few days back I tried it again and it bubbled again. It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo below because the color is so light, but it was obvious in person.


I was also not a fan of how the glitter looked layered over Post Modern’s pink and on top of that I smudged it a bit because the top coat takes a really long time to dry. I used a different top coat for the purple design (a green tea quick dry one), but will keep trying the Pro FX to see if it bubbles on other brands apart from Revlon.