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Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Sugar Skull Nail Art

When I started this design I wasn't sure if I should add any embellishments to the sugar skulls apart from the painted designs, but I'm so glad I did. The pearls and bows really make a huge difference to how the design looks overall. Due to the size of the skulls, the designs I did… Continue reading Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Sugar Skull Nail Art


31DC2017 Delicate – Pink Roses Nails

This is my first super pink and feminine design in a while and I love it! I wasn't sure what to do at the beginning, but I knew I wanted to use a pink shimmery color, then eventually got the idea to add the roses. Although the pink nail polish has some silver shimmer in… Continue reading 31DC2017 Delicate – Pink Roses Nails


31DC2017 Yellow – Matte Rainbows Nails

I love how this nail art turned out! I've been really liking the matte look recently. For this design, I painted on the clouds just using the polish brush, then added the rainbow with the different nail art liners. I wanted to keep it simple, so on the purple nails I just put pearls. Sally… Continue reading 31DC2017 Yellow – Matte Rainbows Nails


31DC2014 Galaxy: Watercolor Galaxies

Not sure how I feel about these nails. I was planning on doing pastel galaxy since I've done regular galaxies in the past, but I think the design came out kind of messy. Still, they didn't take me long to do which is nice, especially since I'm trying to do these daily. It's pretty challenging, but… Continue reading 31DC2014 Galaxy: Watercolor Galaxies


31DC2014 Half Moon: Glow in the Dark Moons

From the beginning I'd planned to use a glow in the dark polish for Half Moon day, because I wanted to make it look like moons in the night sky. So, I was a bit disappointed when I tried Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark for my Halloween Nails, because I couldn't see any glow.… Continue reading 31DC2014 Half Moon: Glow in the Dark Moons


Pearls & Pastels Half Moon Nails

Sinful Colors Beverly Hills (purple/pink) Sinful Colors Cool Grey (actually, the bottle I have is nameless, but after doing some research I'm pretty sure that's the color) I bought both of these polishes recently at a local dollar store. Cool Grey is two coats, and so is Beverly Hills, though you could get away with… Continue reading Pearls & Pastels Half Moon Nails


Old Photo: Ayumi Hamasaki MY STORY Nails

This design was inspired by the nails Ayumi Hamasaki wore on the cover of her MY STORY album. This is an old photo I took with my Ipod's camera so the quality isn't that good. I plan on redoing it eventually with orange (this photo was before I had any orange nail polish :D) and… Continue reading Old Photo: Ayumi Hamasaki MY STORY Nails


Purple Glitter Nails

Sinful Colors Let's Talk, Faceted, Let Me Go, Dream On ICING Bet Me and Lose Hurricane Nail Art White Before this, I did a pink look using Revlon's Nail Polish Duos in Post Modern (the pink side) and topped two of the nails on each hand with Revlon's Girly, a new glitter that I really love.… Continue reading Purple Glitter Nails