New Year 2018 Nail Art + Gel Top Coat

Happy New Year 2018!

I got a 12W Kedsum LED Lamp for Christmas, so this is my very first try doing gel nails, at least partially since I only used a gel top coat. As a disclaimer, I wanted the lamp to try out nail powders, not for long-wear gel nails, so I didn’t follow all the recommended steps for a regular gel polish application.

I began by applying UNT Peel-Off Base Coat since I didn’t want to deal with the complicated process of taking them off after only a few days. Then I used a coat of regular black polish and let that dry. Once that was done, I applied OneDor Gel No Wipe Top Coat, cured it for 30 seconds, then rubbed the powder on the nails (Born Pretty Chameleon Holo Flakes Powder in blue). I struggled a bit with this step. I’m not sure if the bigger flakes made the application less smooth, or if it was something I did wrong, but there were a few spots that didn’t take the powder evenly. After stamping on my design using plate Celebration BPX-L013, I then applied another layer of the gel top coat and cured for another 30 seconds.

For a first try I think they came out decent, though I don’t love this powder as much as I thought I did – maybe I just need to play around with it more. I have some more nail powders I ordered that I want to try eventually, but I think I’ll stick to regular polish for the most part.


Glitter Placement 2017 New Year’s Nail Art


Couldn’t resist doing another New Year’s design! This one is much simpler, using only Sinful Colors Supernova, a metallic rose gold, and the year written in hex glitters. For my thumb, I used silver glitter to represent the Times Square ball.

Happy New Year everyone!!

New Year 2017 Blue Marble Nails


For this New Year’s I wanted something bright and different from the dark color scheme I usually do, so I went for blue and white. I think drag marbling is such a great alternative to water marbling because you get a similar effect in less time and without the trouble. This design reminds me of water and feels refreshing for welcoming the new year.

I began by applying two coats of Sparitual Full of Life though you can’t actually see it anymore since it’s under the dry marble. For the marbling, I dabbed the nails a couple times with each color: Ciaté Snow Virgin, Orly Teal Unreal, and Sparitual Blue Lagoon. The glitters I used on the accent nail are Cover Girl Disco Dazzle and OPI Lights of Emerald City. To draw the numbers I used Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens in White and Blue.

Themed Thursday December – New Year’s Fireworks Nail Art


The last nail art of the challenge, and I’m actually on time with this one! Today’s prompt is New Year’s Day. And what better symbolizes New Year celebrations than fireworks? Continue reading

Themed Thursday December – Champagne Nail Art


I’m really loving the glitter in this nail art! I wasn’t sure what to do at first and thought of just doing a shimmery design. Then I remembered Sparitual Cha Cha Cha, a glittery metallic purple, and knew it would be the perfect backdrop for a champagne look. It looks even more amazing with the gold glitter flecks from Sinful Colors Twilight Twinkles. I thought the flecks would be difficult to pick up, but I had no trouble.


For the glitter nails, I painted the tips with Color Club Apollo Star, a shimmery champagne polish, then used Sinful Colors Smoking Hot to extend it into a gradient. For the champagne inside the glasses, I used one of my favorite polishes for the holidays, Finger Paints Key To My Art. Only one more design left in 2015!

If you’re interested in seeing some of my other favorite holiday polishes, I wrote a post on the subject last year, here!

31DC2014 Nails U Love: New Year’s Nails


Happy New Year’s everyone!

I kind of rushed this design a bit so I could get it done before midnight or else I’d have to tag it 31DC2015! I’m happy with how the nails turned out though. They’re a bit simpler than the design they’re based on (this one by esNAIL), and I changed a couple of things. The stars in the original have sequins and some caviar beads, but I did without them on my own nails. I also switched up the sequins on the index nail for rhinestones, since I don’t have the ones they used in the design. In the photo it looks like I’m missing some rhinestones on the right, but it’s just the light making them clear. I’m not sure if they used foil on the original nail art to get the mirrored effect, but I thought some silver, holographic foil would be a nice choice. Unfortunately it crinkled with the top coat.

Under the rhinestones and foil I used a metallic silver from Cosmetic Arts (it’s unnamed). The red accent nail is Milani Paint the Town Red, the white is Ciaté Snow Virgin, and the black is Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink.

See you in 2015!!

31 Day Challenge: Recreate Favorite Manicure


Yay! Finally the last day of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge!! I really wanted to get it done before the new year; I’ve been working on it since September! It’s been very frustrating at times but I’m glad I did it, there were designs I wouldn’t have thought of or tried otherwise. I’ll be posting an overview of all the designs I did in a couple of days.

For this one I recreated the glitter challenge, and it also goes well with the theme of New Year’s Day. The star glitter is from wet n wild’s Fergie collection. While I love it, I did end up using some loose star glitter I had, because it was a bit complicated to get on the nail. I used Sinful Color’s Fig for  the other nails–a color I’ve been wanting to use for the longest time but always ended up picking another color. I wanted the ring finger to resemble the countdown ball, but the photo doesn’t pick up well the big round glitter.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s!

Sinful Colors Fig
wet n wild Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame
Cover Girl Disco Dazzle
wet n wild fastdry Silvivor