Valentine’s Freehand Floral Nails

For my first Valentine’s themed nails this year I went for a mix of things. I combined Salon Perfect Pink-y Swear, a neon pink, with Revlon Coy, a pastel. It turns out once I had applied the pastel pink, I didn’t like it at all. So I left it on just one nail and partly covered it with a freehand floral design. The other two pastel nails I replaced with Sinful Colors Supernova, a rose gold metallic. The heart and stripe accents are actually Art Club Nail Art Rose Gold Shimmer, which is slightly more cool toned.

I really like these nails! My plan for this month is to do several Valentine’s Day designs using different techniques, so we’ll see how far I get. I did this and the next design on both hands too, and neither was that time consuming, although my left does look significantly better!


Neon Splash Nails

The third prompt of the Glam Nails June Challenge is neon. It’s such a general theme that I wasn’t sure what to do at first. Originally I tried colorful neon stripes, but I wasn’t satisfied with it so I started over. I pared down the amount of polishes I was using from five to just three: Salon Perfect Yowza YellowSalon Perfect Pink-y Swear, and Salon Perfect Bermuda Baby, a sky blue. For the accent glitter, I used Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold.

To get the look of the abstract rainbow, I applied each of the three polishes in quick strokes using the brushes over a white base. I then added more layers until I was happy with how the colors mixed. In person they’re very bright and slightly darker.


Neon Oranges Nail Art

I decided to do a summer-inspired challenge this month similar to the one I participated in back in January: Glam Nails Challenge June. I’m a little behind but I’ll try to get them done in time. The prompts are fun and definitely very summery.

I went with a simple design for the oranges prompt, choosing a sky blue and neon orange. I’m not in love with it since I don’t think the oranges turned out that well, but I do like how bright it looks and the contrasting colors. Before adding the orange, I painted the circles in white so the colors would pop more.

Salon Perfect Traffic Cone
CND Vinylux Aqua-intance

Here are the prompts and dates for the rest of the challenge if you want to take part!


Neon Blue Nail Art

I wanted to do a neon blue design for a while, but I couldn’t find any neon blue that I liked. Salon Perfect Bermuda Baby is a bright turquoise with subtle blue shimmer. I applied it over a white base, and it took about 3 coats for full opacity. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it’s pretty close.

I used a zebra pattern stencil for the accent nail, and applied Kleancolor Sangria Burst, a neon orange, and Kleancolor Bikini Green. I tried mixing the colors in the middle for a gradient effect, but the green just isn’t dark enough to stand out against the blue properly. For the middle and thumb nails, I used Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish for the diagonal accent design. Now, for it to actually work, I had to first apply the base/top coat that comes with it over the blue before using the mirror polish on top of that.

The two silver glitters are: Art Club Nail Art Iridescent Glitter and Kiss Nail Art Rock Star.

Glam Nails Challenge Jan – Neon Rainbow Snowflake Nail Art


For the Neon Snowflakes prompt, I decided to go with a neon background instead of making the snowflakes neon.  Continue reading

Tropical Gradient Nails


This isn’t what I had in mind when I got the idea to do a gradient the other day. Originally I wanted to go for a deeper look – a dark red and green combination. But somehow, in picking out the polishes, this came out. Not too happy with it, but I don’t hate it either. I first applied a white base, then sponged on two layers of Kleancolor Sangria Burst and Kleancolor Bikini Green, two of my favorite almost-neon polishes. Since it looked brighter than I wanted, I applied a bit of Sparitual Yes, I Can over the Kleancolor. I’ve been really into funky gradient combinations lately, so I’ll have to try again soon.

Easter 2015 Nail Art


I’m a bit late with this post, but I’ve been really busy and haven’t had much of a chance to upload my nails. For Easter nails I tend to do more pastel designs, but this time I wanted to do a design that was bright and more cartoon-ish. I think the bunny turned out super cute and I love the big egg on the middle nail. I kind of messed up on the yellow nail egg pattern and had to fix it with some white polish, which unfortunately looks really obvious, but I’m still proud of it!

Sparitual Dreamsicle
Kleancolor Neon Yellow
ORLY Pink Waterfall
KISS Nail Art Soft Blue
Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven, Sour Grapes
Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink
Sally Hansen Nail Art White

Bright Two-Tone Ombre Nails


These nails are inspired by HannahRoxNails’ Lily Allen’s Neon Nails on YouTube. The photograph doesn’t capture how bright the colors actually are. While I like the design, I’m disappointed with how the middle nail turned out, as there isn’t a noticeable difference between the pink and orange. I attempted to fix this by placing different colors of glitter on the tips, but I don’t think it helped much, though I love the sparkle.

Kleancolor Bikini Green, Neon Yellow
Sinful Colors Pink
Piggy Polish Blue-ming Romance
Sephora by OPI Hi Def

31 Day Challenge 2013: Yellow


I had several techniques in mind in order to achieve this look. Stickers were my first choice, but I couldn’t find any that I liked. Then, I tried the newspaper nails technique, except I didn’t have any newspaper or alcohol handy. I printed the word HAZARD on regular printing paper then tried a couple different perfumes and even hydrogen peroxide, but none worked. So, finally I drew the letters in with sharpie, and went over them with a black striper. Then, I fixed the edges with a yellow striper. The base color I used is Sinful Colors Neon Melon, a lime-yellow neon. I applied 2 coats over 2 coats of white, since otherwise it is too streaky and sheer. I really do love this neon though, it looks so bright and happy in person. The word HAZARD came out a little funky since I didn’t space out the letters well and didn’t have enough room for a proper R or D. But I think it still looks pretty good.

Neon Zebra Nails


Did these for an 80s party I went to. I used three Sinful Colors polishes – the neon yellow is Neon Melon, the purple on the tips is Dream On, and the pink in the middle (though it kind of turned orange) is Pink. I used the Kiss Nail Art striper in Black, and Art Club’s striper in Fine Gold.