Neiru Workshop “Redefine Fine Lines” 3

These are the last designs I did for the Neiru Workshop. I love geometric/tribal inspired nail art, so I was really happy this was a theme. All of the nails I created did take me quite a long time, and several tries, to complete but they’re my favorites out of all the ones I’ve done for this workshop.


I’m so proud of this design, I love it! I had to do a lot of corrections with the white and black to thin out some sections, but thanks to the top coat that’s not too obvious. I did this design on both hands (though the right is nowhere near as neat) and I ended up splitting it between two days because it was so time consuming for me. The red polish is one of my favorites, Revlon Parfumerie China Flower. I could still smell the fragrance a couple of days after I painted them which was nice.


Above are my three designs inspired by the theme. I like the first and second one the most since I’m not too happy with how the color combination looks on the third one. I was tempted to use tape to make the lines straight, but I didn’t want to “cheat” so I stuck to my liner brush. I’d like to eventually do a full set of nails with these designs, though maybe use them more as an accent.

navajodusk_step1The original design is called “Navajo Dusk,” and this is my recreation of it. The white part should be a bit smaller than what I did, but it ended up covering a lot of the nail. I should’ve done it over so the background could be more visible (especially since I spent a while layering colors), but you can see more of it in the middle, so that’s okay.

That was it for the workshop! With so much nail art to do it became stressing at times, but I’m really glad I was able to complete it. This makes me want to do more challenges, though preferably ones that are slightly less involved!

Part 1
Part 2


Neiru Workshop “Redefine Fine Lines” 2

The second section of the Neiru Workshop required creating designs with organic, vine-like lines. I really like this style of nail art and often do flowers, so it didn’t seem as difficult as the first one.


Still, my lines didn’t come out as thin as I wanted them to look, but I’m happy with the result. I only used three colors for this one so I was able to do it pretty fast. I started with Finger Paints Scenery Greenery, then drew the heart parts with Sinful Colors Bamboo, the lighter bluish green. I was originally going to use a burgundy color, but it wasn’t showing up well against the deeper green. For the outlines I used my favorite metallic gold, Maybelline Bold Gold.


Creating the three individual designs was really challenging for me. For some reason I had the hardest time coming up with ideas. I wanted them to be slightly similar to the original design we had to recreate (pictured below), but still have something unique. I went for different styles of gradient backgrounds on each nail, my favorites being the green and purple.

whimsyvinelines_step1I love the whimsical nature of the original nail design and tried to stay true to the theme while working on my own nails. This type of look is very delicate and reminiscent of Spring. I think these designs would look nice as accent nails too.

Next week, I’ll be posting the last part of the workshop! To see the first one, click here.

Neiru Workshop “Redefine Fine Lines” 1

This month has been pretty hectic for me, but throughout it I’ve managed to find time to take part in another Neiru workshop. It’s finished now and I’m proud to say I got a cute certificate for my efforts :)

The workshop was split into three different sections, each featuring a nail design we had to recreate. We were also supposed to create three new designs inspired by it, and finally an entire five-nail design. Suffice to say, it was work!

This is my final design for the first section:


My top coat caused major smudges, which surprised me because I hadn’t had smudging problems with it before. I also think the gray to white gradient in the background didn’t help matters since fixing mistakes was trickier. As you can see, not all of the lines are thin as I wanted some of the outer portions emphasized.

neiruworkshop1-2These are the three separate designs I came up with.

I’m really happy with the color combinations even though the majority of my lines are uneven. As you can tell, the first part of the workshop was all about curved lines and Pucci-inspired designs.

Curved lines in general are hard work for me, and when I have to focus on making them thin, it’s even more challenging. But, I think they turned out pretty well.

Sorry for all the smudges by the way! I’m looking for some new top coats so I can find one that won’t smudge, is fast drying, and affordable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, below is my (second) recreation of the original design. When I had finished all my nails and looked back at the first one I couldn’t upload it, it was just so bad >.< So I re-did it and I think this one is still not great, but it’s way better.


Part 2
Part 3

Third Neiru Lesson Nails


This was the last lesson in the Neiru Fine Lines Workshop! The middle nail art design is the one I had to recreate, and the two on the sides are the ones I did for the challenge. I don’t really like how the colorful X one turned out. It looked great in my head, but the lines came out feathery and then the top coat smeared them even more. If I had to do it again, I would probably get rid of the black lines I drew on the X, so the gradient stands out more.

I’ve really enjoyed this two week workshop. While the Neiru designs look complex, the lessons were easy to follow, and I feel proud of how my recreations turned out. The lessons use gel polishes, so it was also a bit of a challenge applying some of the techniques to regular nail polish. The workshop has made me more aware of how I create my lines in general, and the distinction between thicker and thinner lines within the same design. I’m working on getting new brushes so I won’t have to use my striper nail art polishes as much, since I can’t get as fine a line with them. 

Second Neiru Lesson Nails


Neiru’s abstract floral design, the middle one, was frustrating to replicate. I tried to cut some of my brushes to make them thinner, and I actually ended up ruining them. The lines were coming out too thick and uneven, so I did these designs with Phantom Frights Nail Art striper instead.

First Neiru Lesson Nails


I just finished the first lesson of the free online Neiru Workshop on fine lines! The middle nail (flower design) is Neiru’s design, and the one you were tasked to copy. The two designs on either side of it (stars and eye) are the designs I created for the lesson challenge.


This was kind of tough – not only thinking up the designs I was going to do on the spot, but trying to execute such thin lines. They didn’t come out as thin as I would have liked, but practice makes perfect, right?

I used a lot of nail polishes for the designs, but if you’re interested in knowing any of them, just let me know! :)