31DC2017 Inspired by a Flag – Slytherin Banner Nails

As usual, it took me a while before I figured out what I wanted to do for the inspired by a flag prompt. I think I would definitely prefer if this prompt was more general — after doing it a few years it just feels repetitive. But anyway, this year I decided to go the fantasy route and based my nails on the Slytherin banners from Harry Potter. I had to do Slytherin of course since that’s my house!

In my search I found a variety of different designs, so I just took the general look of them which usually featured green stripes and a snake. I like how even though they’re matte, the metallic snake still stands out.

Sinful Colors Envy
Revlon Eclectic
Art Club Nail Art Rose Gold Shimmer

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31DC2017 Inspired by a Movie – Cinderella Nails

For the inspired by a movie prompt I went with Cinderella. I wanted to do nail art that involved clocks and gears, as well as the silhouette of Cinderella. I don’t think it’s very noticeable, but I did stamp her on my ring finger in blue. For the rest of the design, I used the plate BPX-L023 from Born Pretty. My middle nail is kind of a mess though. I tried to stamp the edge of the clock, then some blue florals in the background, but it doesn’t really look like anything.

Ciaté Ferris Wheel
Revlon Parfumerie Spun Sugar
Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold
Kleancolor Metallic Black

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Beauty and the Beast Roses Nail Art

This is the nail art I did on my right hand for the Beauty and the Beast inspired nails. I think I like this one even more than my other design!  Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast Silhouettes Nail Art

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney princess movie, so I was super excited to go see the live-action version last week and did these nails for the occasion!  Continue reading

31DC2016 Inspired by a Movie – Willy Wonka


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite movies! I was surprised I hadn’t done any nail art about it before, so I knew I had to feature it in this year’s 31 Day Challenge.  Continue reading

31DC2015 Inspired by a Movie – Funny Face


I love Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, so this is definitely one of my favorite classic movies. I wasn’t completely sure what to do for the design, so I picked a few of the scenes I like best and attempted to paint them on my nails. I used all acrylic paints with the exception of the base color, which is Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast A Latte Love and Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Pen Black to write the title on my thumb. The pinky nail is my favorite and I think doing a design using just Audrey’s dance moves from the cafe scene would look really cool.

31DC2014 Supernatural: Will-o’-the-Wisps


I recently saw Brave, and it gave me the idea to do the Will-o’-the-wisps from the movie for “supernatural” day. I always get stuck on this one and end up thinking about Halloween-themed manis. I think these characters are so cute and mysterious, and they make a great nail art design. To start off, I applied two coats of L’Oreal Raven’s Strength, a black with subtle shimmer. I then filled in a rough outline of the Wisps with Sinful Colors Most Sinful, a deep blue. I drew a more obvious outline with KISS Nail Art Light Blue on top of that as a guide. I filled in the outlines with messy strokes of the light and deep blues plus also added Brucci Kathy’s Baby Blues and Piggy Polish Blue-ming Romance. To finish them, I dotted the eyes in white.

31DC2014 Inspired by a Book: 2001 A Space Odyssey



The most recent book I’ve read is Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I thought it would be fun to do some nail art inspired by it. I think this one, like the Winnie the Pooh design I did yesterday, could go in either the movie or book category. I like both the book and movie versions of 2001 and was tempted to try to recreate some scenes, but decided to go a more abstract route. The colorful backgrounds on the thumb, index, and middle fingers make me think of when Bowman travels through the Star Gate (especially in the movie version), and I love those in contrast to the Star Child and (matte) monolith nails. By the way, the words are “TMA-1,” “HAL 9000,” “Discovery,” and “Japetus.”

I thought I was going to have a harder time writing the words (I used a striping polish) but I had a surprisingly good amount of control with the brush – the Neiru Workshop definitely helped.

Kleancolor Neon Yellow
Sinful Colors Hot & Sour
Sally Girl Epic
L.A. Colors Circuits
Wet ‘n’ Wild French White Creme
Sinful Colors Nail Art Be My Valentine, Simple But Fun, Me First, Anxious Azure
L.A. Colors Art Deco Flamingo
Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink

31DC2014 Inspired by a Movie: Winnie-the-Pooh


I’m trying to get back into the swing of the 31 Day Challenge, and hopefully finish it before the year actually ends!

I LOVE how this nail art turned out, and since the design is pretty simple, it didn’t take me long at all. As you can probably tell, it’s based on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, though I also drew inspiration from Ernest H. Shepard’s illustrations in the Winnie-the-Pooh books by A.A. Milne, which I love even more than the movies.

I used black acrylic paint for the outlines and white acrylic paint for some corrections, but the base is Ciaté Snow Virgin, a very bright white. I wanted to give it the feel of being on a page, so I kept my colors to a minimum, using Sparitual Intention, a pretty, sparkly red, for Pooh’s shirt. I gave the balloon a watercolor effect by mixing some polish thinner into Sephora by OPI Natural Environ-mint to sheer it out. I decided to go matte with top coat, using Revlon Matte Top Coat.

31 Day Challenge 2013: Inspired by a Movie


This design is inspired by The Little Mermaid. Recently, I saw the Disney version again after not watching it since I was a kid – my favorite character is still Scuttle! As soon as I saw this challenge was coming up, I instantly knew which movie I’d pick.

Here are all the colors I used:

Bubbles (thumb & ring fingers):
I started with Sinful Colors Paradise, then with large and small dotting tools made the bubbles in Brucci Kathy’s Baby Blues. I dotted ORLY Angel Rain on top of the bubbles to give them an iridescent effect. Finally, I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White to highlight. The bubbles are my favorite part of the look.

Ariel’s Fin (index finger):
I used Sinful Colors Open Seas for the base color, then went over it with a thin coat of Wet ‘n’ Wild Ocean Grotto (Did you notice my attempt at choosing polishes with sea-related names? ;) For the lines on the fin, I used a long, thin nail art brush and white polish. I went over all of it with Sinful Colors Pacific Ocean, a sheer green/blue duochrome. To give it some dimension, I retraced some lines with the white.

Ariel’s Shell Bra (little finger):
This one was the most complicated for me to do. I wanted to get the look of the shells, but I had a difficult time getting the shape right. Wet ‘n’ Wild On a Trip was my base color, and I drew in the lines with Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier. I kind of did a mix of Sinful Colors Let Me Go and Let’s Talk in between. Let’s Talk is a reddish-purple (looking more blue in the photo) shimmer/metallic color, and Let Me Go is a sheer purple/green duochrome.

Starfish & Sand (middle finger):
I applied two coats of Mattese Glistening Nude as the sand. I love this color – it’s a light beige with gold shimmer. The starfish is Sparitual Weathered The Storm with Wet ‘n’ Wild Waves of Enchantment on top. I used white to outline the starfish and make tiny dots on the sand, but I think I could have gone without that.