31DC2017 Green – Succulent Plant Nails

Here are some cute succulents for today’s prompt! I love these plants and have two of my own that have been doing pretty well.

I’ve had this design in my head for a while, and though it’s not exactly what I imagined, it’s close. The white lines in the background are meant to represent a window mosaic. I wanted to keep the focus on the plants themselves, so I kept it simple, using only one coat of glitter for the background. The white lines turned out thicker than I wanted, but I was kind of rushing to get the nail art done on time, so I didn’t redo it. My favorite is the one with the little pink flower!

Color Club Edie
Sinful Colors Envy
Kiss Nail Art Bikini Green
Sinful Colors Smoking Hot

Previous years’ nail art:

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31DC2016 Blue – Icy Mosaic


Mosaic designs are some of my favorites to do. I hadn’t done one in a blue color scheme so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. Doing the design itself wasn’t difficult. I first used a white striper brush to divide the sections, then colored them in using the polish brushes. Afterwards, I went over the white again to clean up any messes and perfect the lines. I wanted the sections on the French tip nails to look like they were ice shards, so I had some of them overlap while I was outlining and filling in the shapes.

Sparitual Circle of Life
Sinful Colors Paradise
Ciaté Ferris Wheel

First Neiru Lesson Nails


I just finished the first lesson of the free online Neiru Workshop on fine lines! The middle nail (flower design) is Neiru’s design, and the one you were tasked to copy. The two designs on either side of it (stars and eye) are the designs I created for the lesson challenge.


This was kind of tough – not only thinking up the designs I was going to do on the spot, but trying to execute such thin lines. They didn’t come out as thin as I would have liked, but practice makes perfect, right?

I used a lot of nail polishes for the designs, but if you’re interested in knowing any of them, just let me know! :)

31DC2014 Geometric: Stained Glass


I wasn’t really going for a mosaic-type design, but it just turned out like that, and I’m pretty happy with it. I used a lot of colors for this, and alternated the pink outline with the blue on my left hand. It took forever!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast On a Trip, Bite the Bullet
Orly Monroe’s Red
Sinful Colors High Strung
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Sephora by OPI Hi Def
Revlon Sassy
Sally Girl Canary
Sinful Colors Nail Art No More
Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink

31DC2014 Black and White: Broken Glass


I’m really happy with this design! It took a while to do, but it was worth it. I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme White On. Then, using a black nail art striper (Salon Perfect Black Ink), I drew a vertical line down the middle of the nails with the exception of the accent nail. From that line, I made diagonal lines on each side similar to a feather design. The last step was to randomly fill in the spaces leaving some visible triangular shapes. I think this design would be great with a matte topcoat as well (I would have tried it, but my matte ran out).


Purple Mosaic Nail Art


I just love mosaic designs! I had planned to use striping tape at first, but then decided to freehand it instead, which was much quicker. The colors I used are:

Sinful Colors Volcanic (The dark purple, it took about 2 coats to get it looking opaque.)
Milani 3D Holographic Hi-Res (I love this polish – the holographic stands out especially in sunlight.)
Kiss Nail Art Soft Purple
Fresh Paint Firefly (I think this is my new favorite light gray; it doesn’t look chalky at all and goes on opaque in 1 coat.)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On

31 Day Challenge 2013: Green


I’m not loving this look on me – I don’t think dark greens flatter my skin tone, but I still like them anyway. I wanted to do something similar to the Rainbow Mosaic design I did some time ago, but only with greens. The dark green is ULTA The Jungle Look; the blue-green is Sinful Colors Bamboo; the light dusty green is Sinful Colors Olympia; and the shimmery green is Kleancolor Metallic Green (though it’s more shimmery than actually metallic).

Gradient Mosaic / Stained Glass Nail Art


For this design, I started off with a white base (Sinful Colors Snow Me White), then added top coat so it would dry faster. Once it completely dried, I placed pieces of striping tape in the design I wanted, then on top applied the nail polish. I had to be careful when removing the tape because if I waited too long, certain colors would peel off. It took a long time and several tries to get it right, but I love the result!

Wet N Wild Tickled Pink
Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Mattese Pink Royale

Fresh Paint Passion Fruit
Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet
Sparitual Shoot for the Stars

Sparitual Full of Life
Sinful Colors Paradise
Sinful Colors Most Sinful

Fresh Paint Honeydew
Kleancolor Bikini Green
Sinful Colors Envy

Sinful Colors Unicorn
Sally Girl Canary
Sinful Colors Pull Over