31DC2017 Black & White – Sketched Grid Nails

Looking back at my previous nail art for this prompt, I love nearly all of the black and white designs I’ve done, especially this one. In my first attempt, I used checkered stencils and added rhinestones over the black sections. It was terrible — I hadn’t placed the stencils straight enough, the rhinestones didn’t stand out, and on top of everything the top coat I was using smeared the black polish. I took everything off except the black accent nail and started over.

This time I kept the design much simpler and freehanded the grid instead of using stencils. I debated with filling in some of the squares, but I’m glad I didn’t because I prefer it this way. Apart from a few smudges thanks to my top coat, it looks much cleaner and less busy. I think it looks even better in person since the imperfections of the lines aren’t as noticeable.

Pure Ice Super Star
Sally Hansen Black Out

Previous years’ nail art:

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31DC2016 Geometric – Futuristic Symmetry


I wasn’t sure where I was going with this design when I started it. I’d already done several geometric designs earlier in the challenge, so I wanted to do something different, but that still followed the prompt. I’m happy with the end result, though it’s not a favorite of mine. I do like the color combination, especially the accents of blue in the glitter and studs. The overall look makes me think of technology or something futuristic.

Sinful Colors Slate
Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor
Sally Hansen White On

31DC2016 Blue – Icy Mosaic


Mosaic designs are some of my favorites to do. I hadn’t done one in a blue color scheme so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. Doing the design itself wasn’t difficult. I first used a white striper brush to divide the sections, then colored them in using the polish brushes. Afterwards, I went over the white again to clean up any messes and perfect the lines. I wanted the sections on the French tip nails to look like they were ice shards, so I had some of them overlap while I was outlining and filling in the shapes.

Sparitual Circle of Life
Sinful Colors Paradise
Ciaté Ferris Wheel

31DC2016 Yellow – Neon Triangles


I’m really happy with how this design turned out, though it ended up being a long process.  Continue reading

31DC2016 Red – Color Blocking


The first day of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge is here! I spent last week planning and doing a few of the designs ahead of time (might be cheating a bit…) so I could do my best to post daily. Actually I’d meant for these to go up earlier in the day, but at least I got them in before midnight.

I’m trying to keep the first round of the challenge pretty simple in terms of design, so I went with color blocked nails for Day 1. I’ve kept some of the areas sheer using Sparitual Idyllic, my current favorite sheer pink polish. It glides on smoothly without causing streaks, which is a problem with many of my other sheer polishes. In order to do the design, after applying the sheer pink, I made a cross dividing the sections, then filled those in with the following colors: Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, a bright red, Milani Cool Vibe, a violet, and
Revlon Peachy.

I’ve really looked forward to the challenge this year and I can’t wait to see everyone’s designs!

31DC2015 Inspired by a Flag – Medieval Banners


I have to say, the flag prompt is my least favorite – I’d prefer if it was something broader. Last year I did a design that incorporated many flags (you can see it here), and I really loved it, but this year I had no idea what to do. I didn’t want to use the U.S. flag since I usually do that for July 4th anyway. So a friend of mine suggested I do Medieval or Renaissance inspired flags, and I thought that’s a great idea! I didn’t use specific flags for these, and instead took inspiration from many, then created my own.

Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Sinful Colors Grecian Sun
Pure Ice Super Star
Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven

31DC2015 Inspired by Art – Stained Glass


This stained glass panel is called “Turkish Delight” by Robert Sowers (you can see more info on it here). I love this panel because the colors are eye-catching and the basic geometric shapes work so well together to form a complex design. I began with a gradient of blue, white, and red using Sally Girl Epic, Pure Ice Super Star, and Ciaté Mistress, respectively. Since the red was looking too bright on its own, I added an unnamed maroon polish by Cosmetic Arts at the top to darken it slightly. I then drew the dividing lines using Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Diamond. I really wanted to use my regular black liner, but I couldn’t find it, so I had to use my shimmery one instead.


I used Sinful Colors Clementine and Hurricane Nail Art Yellow for the dots on the sides. This part was tricky because I wasn’t sure how to transfer it to the nail. I thought about making lines between the yellow circles like in the original glass panel, but I felt it would clutter up the design too much, especially since the black lines were already thick. Lastly, I used Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, another bright red, to fill in the remaining middle and side panels.