31DC2017 Galaxy – Pastel Skies Nails

A few years back I did another pastel design for the galaxy prompt, but I ended up not liking it. I’m much happier with how this one turned out and I think it’s mainly because of the matte top coat. I just love how purples and pinks look when they’re matte. I was also more deliberate with my sponging, trying to create nebulae and stars instead of just randomly dabbing. I’m proud of my previous two galaxy designs I did for the challenge, but I’m glad I decided to tackle a pastel version again.

CND Aqua-instance
Orly Pink Waterfall
Revlon Charming
Zoya Hudson

Previous years’ nail art:

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31DC2016 Galaxy – Nebulae


I don’t do a lot of galaxy nail art, but I’m really proud of this one. It looks so colorful and I love how the blending turned out, especially on the thumb nail.  Continue reading

31DC2015 Galaxy – Starry Space


I’m not a huge fan of the “galaxy” prompt because there’s only so much I can do with it.  Last year I tried pastel galaxies and they ended up looking like a watercolor explosion. I’ve seen a lot of amazing galaxy nail art but I don’t feel too inspired when doing my own nails in this style. Still, these may be the most galaxy-looking ones I’ve done. They look cool from far away too which is nice. These also gave me a chance to finally put to use Revlon Celestial FX a holo silver glitter with starts, moons, and diamonds.

Icing Bet Me and Lose
ORLY Snowcone
ORLY Monroe’s Red
Revlon Celestial FX

31DC2014 Galaxy: Watercolor Galaxies


Not sure how I feel about these nails. I was planning on doing pastel galaxy since I’ve done regular galaxies in the past, but I think the design came out kind of messy. Still, they didn’t take me long to do which is nice, especially since I’m trying to do these daily. It’s pretty challenging, but I guess that’s the point!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Shine French White Creme
Ciaté Sugar Plum, Kiss Chase, Loop the Loop
Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
ORLY Snowcone

Earth Day Every Day Nails


Earth Day should be 365 days a year – less littering and more recycling! Here are all the colors I used:

Sparitual Body, Circle of Life, Full of Life, Yes, I Can
Sinful Colors Paradise, Clementine, Innocent
Kleancolor Bikini Green, Neon Yellow
Orly Monroe’s Red
Phantom Frights Nail Art Black, White

Happy Earth Day 2014!

31 Day Challenge 2013: Galaxy


I took tons of photos of this design and none of them did it justice. These are all the colors I used:

Wet ‘N’ Wild Black Creme
ORLY Angel Rain
ORLY Love Each Other
Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor
Sinful Colors Mauve
Funky Fingers Venom
Funky Fingers Up All Night

I am in love with Angel Rain! It’s a blue base with pink and green duochrome. It is sheer, so I would suggest applying it over a base – I find that over a light color, such as a white, the blue tones stand out, while over a darker/black color the green and pink are more obvious. Otherwise, 4-5 coats (of it alone) make it almost completely opaque.

I’m also really liking Up All Night. It’s small round glitter that shines green and gold in a purple jelly. Once applied, the purple isn’t apparent, but the glitter gives the prettiest effect. It’s also pretty dense, so I didn’t have any trouble with application.

31 Day Challenge: Galaxy


31 Day Challenge: Galaxy

Loreal the mystic’s fortune
Sinful Colors Dawn, Dancing Nails, Pearl Harbor
Sephora OPI Here’s Lilac-in At You, Kid
Brucci Kathy’s Baby Blues
Funky Fingers Mirror, Mirror
Revlon Top Speed Ocean
Sinful Colors Stripers simple but fun, anxious azure, sunset, lagoon
Kiss Stripers Rock Star, Bikini Green
Hurricane Stripers White, Yellow, Silver