31DC2017 Gradient – Strawberry Nails

I love how cute these look! I really wanted to use pink and green for a gradient and once I had the colors down I instantly thought of strawberries. I added some simple white dots and while they don’t look like perfect strawberries, it’s more of an abstract design.

Salon Perfect Pink-y Swear
Salon Perfect Mer-Made of Money

Previous years’ nail art:

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Neon Oranges Nail Art

I decided to do a summer-inspired challenge this month similar to the one I participated in back in January: Glam Nails Challenge June. I’m a little behind but I’ll try to get them done in time. The prompts are fun and definitely very summery.

I went with a simple design for the oranges prompt, choosing a sky blue and neon orange. I’m not in love with it since I don’t think the oranges turned out that well, but I do like how bright it looks and the contrasting colors. Before adding the orange, I painted the circles in white so the colors would pop more.

Salon Perfect Traffic Cone
CND Vinylux Aqua-intance

Here are the prompts and dates for the rest of the challenge if you want to take part!


Distressed Pineapple Nail Art


A quick pineapple design I did using some nail polishes from the new Ciaté Mini Mani Month advent calendar. I really like the distressed look of the pink and green nails. The index finger is my favorite since I used a green base instead of pink, so the design looks darker and grungier.

Ciaté Cupcake Queen
Ciaté Seas The Day
Ciaté Antique Brooch

31DC2016 Inspired by a Song – Beyoncé’s Lemonade


I couldn’t decide on just one song for today’s prompt, so instead I went for the album itself: Beyoncé’s LemonadeContinue reading

31DC2015 Orange – Orange Slices


I love this mani! I’m really happy with the color combination I did, plus it was relatively simple and quick to do. I tried to choose an orange I haven’t used in past challenges so I went with Ciaté hopscotch, a bright orange polish. It’s actually the first time I’ve used it, because it came in a large pack with other Ciaté polishes and I kind of forgot about it. I applied two coats and a couple sections were still a bit sheer, but nothing too bad. For the orange circles I used Revlon Peachy, and for the slices, Sparitual Kindness. I used my favorite white striper for the outlines, Phantom Frights Nail Art White. I’ve already put thinner in it several times, but it’s getting too thick to use for manis that require more lines. I’m hoping to buy a new one now that the Halloween items have started going on sale.


Stamped Fruit Nail Art


I love fruit manis and I think this design came out really cute! Even though it’s been kind of rainy lately, this just reminds me of eating fruit on a hot summer day. The plate I used is number Y004 by Ya Qin An, and it has several fruit designs. I bought it off the Born Pretty Store website, and you can get it here. They’ve also got some nail art photos that use the plates if you want some ideas on how to use it.

I used mainly sheer colors to fill in the fruit so I wouldn’t cover up the black outline. But since I don’t have many sheer tint polishes, I ended up mixing a few to get the colors I wanted. Last minute I decided to add the little heart rhinestone as a cute detail so the grape nails wouldn’t look as empty.

Sparitual Dreamsicle
Sparitual Emerald City
Kleancolor Sheer Red
Ciaté Loop the Loop
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Black Heart
Pure Ice Super Star

Pineapple Nail Art


Revlon Sassy, Peachy
Sinful Colors Nail Art Sunset, Simple But Fun
KISS Nail Art Bikini Green
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Sally Girl Canary
Sally Hansen Xtreme White On

Blue Half Moon & Fruit Nails

Blue Half Moon Nails

Wet n Wild Megalast I Need a Refresh-Mint
Fresh Paint Honeydew
Sinful Colors Savage, Mindy
Milani Jewel FX Teal

This photo is about two days after first application, so the tips are a bit worn. The middle finger reminds me of fruits in water. I love fimo slices, but I rarely use them because they’re so difficult to apply. I ended up having to cut the strawberries and kiwis in half, so that they would fit better on the nail, but I really like how it turned out.

You’re My Other Half! (Fruit Halves Nail Art)


I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately and it has inspired me to try fruit nail art! I have fruit fimo slices, but every time I try to use them I have a hard time getting the fimo to stay put. I really like how it turned out–the only one I’m not too crazy about is the kiwi, I think it actually came out better on my right hand.

Thumb – Orange
As a base color, I used Orly’s Crush On You, then used Art Club’s white striper to make the definitions between the orange slices and the middle part. Because Crush on You is a sheer/jelly color, I went over the white again with it to try to make it more realistic looking. For the slices, I added Sinful Color’s Clementine and Pull Over with a thin nail art brush to add depth.

Index – Strawberry
I started out with two coats of Orly’s Monroe’s Red, then painted the white lines with the striper. To go over the white, I used Essie’s Secret Stash, which is a sheer/jelly pink.

Middle – Kiwi
The base color for this one is Sinful Color’s Innocent (which I just realized I’ve been using a lot of lately–but it did stain my nail from the last time I used it). The darker lines in the middle are with Icing’s True Beauty and they came out messier than I had first intended. I used the white striper for the middle and did the seeds with Kiss’s Black striper.

Ring – Banana
This one was much easier and quicker to do than the others. I used Sinful Color’s Unicorn as a base, which I think is a perfect color for the inside of the banana. However, it took 3 coats to get the color even because the polish is so streaky. I did the middle of the banana with Essie’s Case Study and used a bit of the white for shadowing.

Pinky – Dragonfruit
By the time I got to the pinky, I wasn’t sure which fruit to do, and I didn’t want to do a lemon or lime because it would be similar to the orange. So I went with dragonfruit which was really fun to do. I painted the nail white using the striper, then made a thick outline with Mattese’s Pink Royale. I just used the black striper as a dotter to make the seeds.

It took a long time, especially for both hands, but it was really fun! I think doing the nails all in just one fruit would also look really nice. If you did a fruit nail art manicure, which fruits would you choose?