31DC2016 Glitter – Rainbow French Tips


I used so many polishes for this nail art! I was trying to go for a jelly sandwich look by applying the sequins in between layers of sheer polish. I think it worked best for darker colors like the turquoise and purple. To give it more depth I also added fine glitter in the corresponding colors. It doesn’t look exactly how I wanted, but I still like the design. It’s simple and easy to do, but it looks really striking.

OPI Turquoise Aesthetic
OPI Pen & Pink
OPI Purple Perspective
OPI Primarily Yellow
Maybelline Color Show Gold’s Night Out
Sinful Colors Nail Junkie
Sinful Colors Call You Later
Milani Fuchsia
Wet ‘n’ Wild Fastdry Atlantis
Hurricane Nail Art Silver


31DC2016 Blue – Icy Mosaic


Mosaic designs are some of my favorites to do. I hadn’t done one in a blue color scheme so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. Doing the design itself wasn’t difficult. I first used a white striper brush to divide the sections, then colored them in using the polish brushes. Afterwards, I went over the white again to clean up any messes and perfect the lines. I wanted the sections on the French tip nails to look like they were ice shards, so I had some of them overlap while I was outlining and filling in the shapes.

Sparitual Circle of Life
Sinful Colors Paradise
Ciaté Ferris Wheel

31DC2015 Nails You Love – French Tip Hearts


Finally the last nail art of the 31 Day Challenge!! It feels so rewarding to complete it. I was a little hesitant about the challenge this year because I was getting tired of some of the prompts, but I’m glad I still did it because a lot of great nail art came out of it! Anyway, moving on to today’s design . . .

These nails are inspired by Janelle Estep’s Easy Negative Space Heart French Tips. Her tutorial is really easy to follow and this design didn’t take long at all. It’s very cute and a great way to add interest to regular french tips. While her hearts are clear in the centers, I decided to change mine up by adding Orly Pixie Powder, a purple glitter. To match, I chose the purple rhinestones instead of silver. Adding an accent color is a good way to make the design look less bridal and more everyday.


Halloween 2015 – Bloody French Tips Nail Art


We’re almost finished with this month’s Halloween nail challenge – only one more after this! For Oct. 22’s (I’m a little late posting :S) nails we were supposed to do blood and gore. I personally love Halloween, but I’m not much of a gore fan, so I went with a simpler design: blood dripping over french tips.

I began with a coat of Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast Sugar Coat, a sheer soft pink. Once dried, I used Pure Ice Superstar to draw a thick french tip, though it’s been mostly covered with the red – the white is easier to see on my right hand nails, above. Lastly I took Kleancolor Blood (perfect name!) and painted the drips, then connected them.


31DC2015 Gradient – French Tip Pink Gradient


I haven’t done a gradient in this block style before, and I think it came out really nice. I decided to go for a matte top coat and surprisingly it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Sephora by OPI The Way Tutu His Heart
Sephora by OPI What Aura Gonna Wear?
Sparitual Magnify
Wet n Wild Shine Tickled Pink


I’m way behind on the challenge now but I’ll try to post more quickly. I want time for some Halloween manis this year, so I’d like to be done with the challenge before then. We’ll see . . .

St. Patrick’s Day 2015: Two Nail Art Designs

I always have a hard time coming up with St. Patrick’s Day designs. I wanted to do something different from what I’ve done in the past, but I don’t think that really worked out.


For this nail art, I began with curved white tips, then topped them with a few layers of Sinful Colors Pacific Ocean, a semi sheer blue-green duochrome. Originally, I wanted to create a gradient, but liked how the green tips looked. For the clovers, I applied a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Go For Gold and then Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven on top.


I prefer this design over the other one – I like how the clover pattern turned out. I first applied two coats of Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast A Latte Love, a color I got recently and love! It’s a milky cream with a tiny hint of lilac. The regular clovers are Sinful Colors Open Seas, and for the accent clovers I used the same polish as in my other nail art: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Go For Gold.

31DC2014 Animal Print: Leopard Slanted Tip


One of the very first designs I did when I was getting into nail art is leopard print, and it’s still one of my favorites. To change it up a bit from my usual, I decided to only do it in a slanted tip. I began with one coat of Sparitual Reminisce, a semi-sheer nude shimmer. Then, I painted in the tips with Sparitual Mind. For the spots, I used another Sparitual polish, Running With Wolves, a beautiful bronze. To outline the spots, I used Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink. I’m really liking this nail art striper, because the brush is so thin it’s easier to do detail work.

Red French Tip Hearts Nail Art


I love how these turned out! I’ve done heart tips before, but never on a pointed/round nail. It took me a while to file the nails to get the exact shape I wanted, but I’m really happy with them now. As you can see from the photo, I decided to make each nail different. For the index and ring fingers I used red flocking powder, rhinestones for the middle finger, foil on the pinky, and I left the thumb with only the nail polish. The base is Milani Creme Brulee and the hearts are Sparitual Radiant.

On a different note, I started using again an old instagram (cmyknails) account I had. I took a photo of these nails, and on there the index nail has glitter instead of flocking powder. I changed it later, because I didn’t like how the glitter looked, but if you want to see that, you can always check it out there!

St. Patrick’s Day 2014: Clovers and Dry Marble Nail Art


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I wasn’t sure what to do, so I did a variety of designs. For the french tip dry marble, I started with Kleancolor Bikini Green, then marbled with Revlon Jaded and Finger Paints Scenery Greenery. I used those same two polishes for the clovers. The pinky accent glitter nail is Sinful Colors Call You Later on top of one coat of the Kleancolor.

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