Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Candy Corn Nail Art

Candy corn has always been representative of Halloween for me. I’m not a fan of the taste, but I do think it has a cool design. I’m a little disappointed in myself for messing up the color order (orange is in the middle), but I double checked once the design was completely finished and I didn’t feel like redoing it. I still really like how it turned out though!

I began by drawing two diagonal lines down the nail to form a triangle. I then filled in the top section with the white, then proceeded to fill in the remaining sections using Hurricane Nail Art Yellow and Sinful Colors Clementine. I did these on my bare nails without using a base color.


31DC2016 Inspired by a Movie – Willy Wonka


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite movies! I was surprised I hadn’t done any nail art about it before, so I knew I had to feature it in this year’s 31 Day Challenge.  Continue reading

31DC2016 Inspired by a Color – Chocolate Truffle


As usual with this prompt, I’m interpreting it to mean inspired by the name of a polish. This time I chose Revlon Parfumerie Chocolate Truffle, a deep brown.  Continue reading

Themed Thursday December – Gingerbread Nail Art


I love gingerbread cookies and making gingerbread houses. (A couple years ago I also did a gingerbread and peppermint candy design if you want to check it out here!) So I definitely had to incorporate both into my design!

I’m really happy with how the gingerbread man pattern turned out on my thumb, and I think a design using just that pattern would be so cute. I don’t have many brown polishes so I chose the dark brown I usually do, Sinful Colors Nirvana. The beige is Sinful Colors Espionage, a polish that applies well and is opaque in two coats. For the outlines of the houses and decor I used acrylic paints. Originally I was going to use a regular shiny top coat, but I decided to go for matte since it reminded me more of cookies.

Halloween 2015 – Trick or Treat! Nail Art


I’m so happy to have completed this challenge on time! It was a lot of fun and I loved all the Halloween designs I did and seeing everyone else’s. I decided to do ‘Treat’ for today, since my previous ones for this challenge were more on the spookier side – plus, Halloween candy is the best!

The background is Sinful Colors Dream On, a dark neon purple. I first drew the lollipops with Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Pen in White. It’s the first time I’ve used these pens (I also bought a black one), and so far they’re working pretty well. I did have some issues with them dragging the nail polish as I was drawing, so I suggest letting the nail polish completely dry before using them. I’m glad I bought them though, it will make writing on my nails a lot easier. Lastly, I used Sinful Colors Nail Art Sunset and Hurricane Nail Art Yellow to color in the lollipops and create the stripes.

I guess it’s back to the 31 Day Challenge now!

31DC2015 Rainbow – Ice Cream Treats


I love ice cream, especially on my nails! I’m really proud of how this mani turned out. (By the way, if you want more ice cream nails, you can check these out!) I used Pure Ice Super Star for the white base, and Funky Fingers Jawbreaker for the glitter accent nail. I haven’t used this polish much, but it’s such a great combination of colors and glitters. I did apply it over the white, since I wasn’t sure how many coats I’d need. The glitter is pretty dense though, so I only ended up doing two coats.


For the ice cream cones I applied two polishes: Essie Case Study and a lighter beige polish which doesn’t have a name. The rest of the colors are:

Sparitual Dreamsicle
Orly Crush On You
Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass
Ciaté Apple & Custard
Piggy Polish Blue-ming Romance
Essie Full Steam Ahead

Ice Cream Cones Nail Art


Summer’s only a couple of months away, and I know I’ll soon be hearing the jingle of the ice cream trucks. I feel like I’ve been constantly staring at my nails since I did them! I wanted to do a design that would emphasize the more rounded shape of my nails, and when I finally thought of ice cream cones I couldn’t believe it took me so long.

The cone base is Sinful Colors Espionage and I used Essie Case Study for the waffle texture. For the thumb and ring finger, or the vanilla with sprinkles, I painted 2 coats of Sally Hansen White On, then layered Milani Sugar High over it. I love the colors in this glitter. It’s also pretty dense so I don’t have to fish around to pick up glitter.

For the mint chocolate chip on the ring finger I used Revlon Jaded. The black is from a two-way nail art pen and brush by Phantom Frights. I found this and a white one on sale recently, and I think they work great. The brush can create really delicate looking lines, and the pen side is handy for dotting, or more intricate designs.

The chocolate on the middle nail is Sinful Colors Nirvana, and the strawberry on the pinky is Kleancolor Pastel Pink.

My favorite flavor is actually coffee with cookie chunks, but I thought the coffee would blend in too much with the cone. What flavor(s) would you choose?

Gingerbread Man and Peppermint Candy Nail Art


I got the idea for this nail art from a pair of pajamas. I really like the color combination even though pink isn’t really a color I associate with Christmas. It makes me want to eat something sweet! I used Sinful Colors Pink Forever for the base and acrylic paint for everything else. I’ve been using acrylic paints more often recently and for detailed designs like this they’re much easier to work with than nail polish.

Within the next couple of days I’ll post my 31 Day Nail Art Challenge summary. I’m glad I was able to finish it faster than last year. Hopefully next time it will take less than three months.