Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Jungle Nail Art

I’m really happy with how these jungle nails for the challenge turned out! At first I was going to do stamping, but after a couple tries, I didn’t like how that looked. This design ended up being a mix of things, from jungle to leopard print, but I love it. I think the deco flowers especially make it look more colorful and fun. Sadly, they really didn’t last long on my nails, but I used regular top coat, not nail glue, so I’m sure that would make a difference.

I used so many polishes, I lost track of all the greens, so I won’t list them. But I will mention that the background on the jungle nails isn’t just black, but black with a coat of sheer blue on top. Though it’s not visible in the photos, in person it makes it so you can see a blue sheen over the black parts. It’s just something I got the idea to try and ended up really liking.

I know I’m super behind on the challenge (as usual!), but I’ll try my best to get the rest of the prompts done before the month ends!


Floral Decal Mirror Nails

A few years ago I bought some floral water decals, and while I used one, never got around to using the other ones (you can see that design here). I finally grabbed them the other day and I’m so glad I did, because I love how they turned out!

They were much easier to apply than how I remember from back when I first did it. I just cut up the sections I was going to use, removed the plastic covering, then put each one in room-temperature water for about 20 seconds. After taking them out of the water, I used tweezers to separate the clear design from the white paper backing.

Since I knew they’d be clear, I first painted two coats of white on the nails, letting it dry almost completely before applying the decals. To do that, I just placed one on the nail, adjusting it so I could get the part of the picture that I wanted, then applied top coat. That melted the decal enough that I could easily remove the excess with the tweezers. I’d also recommend making cuts along the outer part of the decal so it lays flat when you’re applying it.

For the mirror nails I used a nail powder and gel top coat with the UV lamp I got for Christmas last year. I’d actually done those for another design I wore for a few days before deciding I didn’t like it. I took photos of it, but I doubt I’ll post them – I just wasn’t happy with it. But I liked the mirror nails, so I decided to keep those and change the rest.

As a finishing touch, I added the rhinestones to complement the floral nails. The rhinestones are stickers that already come in that design so it was super easy to apply them.

Stamped Easter 2018 Nail Art

This design took me a while, but I love it. I used stamping plate L033, an Easter-themed one with several bunny and decorative egg designs. Since I bought stamping polish in different colors a while back, I had intended to use my jelly stamper which I really enjoy, but it would not fully pick up the images. I’m not sure if they’re too shallow or if it’s something else, but I had to switch to my rubber stamper.

To color in the images I used a mix of OPI Color Paints and Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens in various colors. There was some smearing when I first added the color over the black stamp, but I solved this by applying top coat after stamping.

Valentine’s Freehand Floral Nails

For my first Valentine’s themed nails this year I went for a mix of things. I combined Salon Perfect Pink-y Swear, a neon pink, with Revlon Coy, a pastel. It turns out once I had applied the pastel pink, I didn’t like it at all. So I left it on just one nail and partly covered it with a freehand floral design. The other two pastel nails I replaced with Sinful Colors Supernova, a rose gold metallic. The heart and stripe accents are actually Art Club Nail Art Rose Gold Shimmer, which is slightly more cool toned.

I really like these nails! My plan for this month is to do several Valentine’s Day designs using different techniques, so we’ll see how far I get. I did this and the next design on both hands too, and neither was that time consuming, although my left does look significantly better!

Ultraviolet Floral Nails – Liga Nailista Challenge

I was definitely not expecting to do TWO challenges this month (especially since I have trouble keeping up with one most of the time), but I saw this one on Instagram and had to try it! It only has four themes, so I think I can manage it, though I’m already late by three days…

You’re supposed to do this challenge with a friend so each of you can do one of the prompts in a theme, but I’ll just be doing it myself. I’m kind of doing both sides of the first prompt though since purple is one of my favorite colors. This design is actually based on my bed cover, and I really like it. The nail art itself was pretty easy to do since I’ve done a ton of floral nail art before. I used Wet ‘n’ Wild On a Trip as my background color, and various nail art pens and liners for the flowers and leaves.

31DC2017 Delicate – Pink Roses Nails

This is my first super pink and feminine design in a while and I love it! I wasn’t sure what to do at the beginning, but I knew I wanted to use a pink shimmery color, then eventually got the idea to add the roses. Although the pink nail polish has some silver shimmer in it, it’s not that noticeable once on the nail, so I sponged a bit of shimmer on top from another polish.

The roses came with some nail art accessories my sister gave me a couple months ago and I hadn’t used them until now. They look like they’re made of clay, but it turns out they’re actually soft and rubbery. They were easy to apply and I was still able to remove them carefully enough to reuse them. Finally, I added the dark pink pearls to complement the roses and fill in the space on the branches.

Sinful Colors Miss Chief
Sinful Colors Take Me To Heaven
BNC 717

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31DC2017 Flowers – Yellow & Blue Floral Nails

I didn’t want to have to take a break during the challenge this year, but my nail that was on the verge of breaking finally broke off. I couldn’t paint it so I had to wait a few days for it to grow back at least a little bit. In the meantime I prepared some of the designs for the other prompts on my right hand nails, though I’ll still have to do triple the work to actually finish in time. I’m determined to do it though, since I want to do a bunch of Halloween designs this year and not have the 31 day challenge only half completed.

Anyway, for the floral prompt I went for a yellow on blue color scheme with simple four-petal flowers and silver leaves. If I’m being honest, I don’t love it and the shortness of the middle nail doesn’t help, but I kept messing up on my right hand so I just did it on this one. If I had taken more time it would have turned out better, but I just wanted to get this design posted so I could move on to the other ones which I like more.

Sinful Colors Endless Blue
Sinful Colors Pull Over
Hurricane Nail Art Silver

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31DC2017 Red – Floral Nails

The 31 Day Challenge is here again! I’m very excited that this is my sixth year doing the challenge, so let’s get right into it!

I started off with a relatively simple floral design. It’s not super obvious in the photos, but I did do a gradient using two shades of red. In hindsight I feel like I should have switched the dark and lighter red, or just sponged on the colors randomly, since I’m not loving the darker red on the tips. The flowers were easy to do — I just used a dotter for the petals and a nail art liner to make the branches.

OPI Malaga Wine
OPI Big Apple Red
Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen Yellow and White

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Tropical Foil Nail Art

The weather’s still a little cool in my area, but I really wanted to do some Summer-inspired tropical nails. These are loosely based (mainly the plants) on this esNAIL design. Instead of using pearls, I incorporated gold foil. Although I have nail art foil, this time I used Heidi Swapp Foil Flakes. I actually bought these with the intention of using them in my bullet journal, and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized these were practically identical in both shade and texture to my nail art foil flakes.

For the background, I dabbed on OPI Color Paints Primarily Yellow, Turquoise Aesthetic, and Pen & Pink using a sponge. I like how they blended, but I was hoping for a more pastel look, and they turned out too dark. As for the palms and flowers, I used various nail art polishes and some of my Sally Hansen nail art pens. The palms looked good in the beginning, but I kept trying to make them better, and they just got messier. Next time I’ll have to stop myself from overdoing it on a design! But, overall I’m pretty happy with these nails.

Easter Floral Bunny Nail Art

This month’s been pretty hectic for me, and on top of it all I also broke three(!) nails nearly all at once, so I just didn’t feel like painting them. But yesterday I got an idea for some Easter-inspired nails and did them right away!

I’m not sure how obvious it is in the photos, but I was trying to go for a radial gradient. I used three colors and painted them in a bullseye shape on the sponge. I began with Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, a bright yellow, for the outer circle. I then applied Revlon Peachy in the middle and Sinful Colors Pink Forever in the center.

Before sponging, I prepped my nails with two coats of white polish so the colors would be more intense, and did three coats of the gradient. Next time I need to make the bullseye much smaller though since the yellow did get cut off a bit on the sides.

I’ve painted bunnies and flowers plenty of times before, so they were quick to do, especially the flowers since I just used a dotter. I think this design turned out pretty cute and I’m glad to have some nail art on my nails again after a while of not having any!