31DC2017 Inspired by a Flag – Slytherin Banner Nails

As usual, it took me a while before I figured out what I wanted to do for the inspired by a flag prompt. I think I would definitely prefer if this prompt was more general — after doing it a few years it just feels repetitive. But anyway, this year I decided to go the fantasy route and based my nails on the Slytherin banners from Harry Potter. I had to do Slytherin of course since that’s my house!

In my search I found a variety of different designs, so I just took the general look of them which usually featured green stripes and a snake. I like how even though they’re matte, the metallic snake still stands out.

Sinful Colors Envy
Revlon Eclectic
Art Club Nail Art Rose Gold Shimmer

Previous years’ nail art:

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31DC2016 Inspired by a Flag – Velvet America


Flag inspired is my least favorite day of the challenge because it always takes me forever to come up with something. Thankfully this year I decided on the USA flag pretty quickly. Not only are the elections next month, but I didn’t do my usual 4th of July nails this year, so this was a good opportunity to get them in.

I wanted to do something different than the usual though so I went looking through my nail art stash for ideas. That’s when I found my only two flocking powders I own (by My Beauty Spot) in red and blue — perfect for the flag! To stick the powder on I painted sections of the nails with Sinful Colors Endless Blue and Sinful Colors Hot & Sour. Since I don’t have white flocking powder, I just used a liner for the stars and stripes.

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31DC2015 Inspired by a Flag – Medieval Banners


I have to say, the flag prompt is my least favorite – I’d prefer if it was something broader. Last year I did a design that incorporated many flags (you can see it here), and I really loved it, but this year I had no idea what to do. I didn’t want to use the U.S. flag since I usually do that for July 4th anyway. So a friend of mine suggested I do Medieval or Renaissance inspired flags, and I thought that’s a great idea! I didn’t use specific flags for these, and instead took inspiration from many, then created my own.

Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Sinful Colors Grecian Sun
Pure Ice Super Star
Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven

31DC2014 Inspired by a Flag: World Flags


I figured out what I wanted to do for “Flag” day last month, so I was excited when I finally got to do it. Originally, I had planned on doing much smaller flags, and more of them, but ultimately I settled on a medium size so I could do more detail. They’re still a bit messy, but I love how they turned out, and from far away they almost look like nail stickers. I was going to do a shiny top coat, but went with matte to change it up.

Ciaté Snow Virgin
Sinful Colors Nail Art Simple But Fun (green), Be My Valentine (red), Sunset (orange), No More (blue)
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink
Revlon Matte Top Coat

Only 3 more to go before I finally finish the challenge!

31 Day Challenge 2013: Inspired by a Flag


I love this design! The blue is Sinful Colors Most Sinful, one of my favorite blues at the moment. The glitter on the ring finger is Maybelline Brocades Beaming Blue over a coat of Most Sinful. I used Art Club Nail Art White and Kiss Nail Art Soft Purple.

I’m excited I only have 3 days of the challenge left. I enjoy it, but it can become a headache. I admit that around this time last year I couldn’t wait for it to be done. I hope to do some Christmas inspired designs soon.

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Flag


I didn’t feel too inspired for this challenge, and I recently did flag nails. So I just created my own peace flag!

Sinful Colors Olympia
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Kiss Nail Art Bikini Green
Hurricane Nail Art White
Sinful Colors Nail Art Time Off
Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold

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wet n wild shine French White Creme
Sinful Colors Striper Hey Dear!
Kiss Striper Soft Pink
NYC Matte Me Crazy Topcoat