31DC2017 Inspired by a Color – Meet Me At Sunset Nails

Simple gradient nails inspired by Essie Meet Me At Sunset, a bright orange polish, for the inspired by a color prompt. I always like to do this prompt based on the name of a polish and I thought this one would be perfect. I had intended to do more than just a gradient, but I was pressed for time so I left it at that. Not the most inspired, but it happens.

Essie Meet Me At Sunset
Wet n Wild Haze of Love
Kleancolor Neon Yellow

Previous years’ nail art:

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31DC2016 Inspired by a Color – Chocolate Truffle


As usual with this prompt, I’m interpreting it to mean inspired by the name of a polish. This time I chose Revlon Parfumerie Chocolate Truffle, a deep brown.  Continue reading

31DC2015 Inspired by a Color – Bite the Bullet


I’ve been really busy this past week so I wasn’t able to post anything, but I have kept on doing the challenge so I’m about halfway through this last section! I originally did a completely different design for this prompt based on spun sugar, but I didn’t like it at all so I changed it to this. As always, I went by a nail polish name, and not a general color. This time it’s Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast Bite the Bullet. I love this purple because I think it looks great on all skintones and is just so pretty. My interpretation of the polish name is as literal as it gets, and I think it came out really cool! I used Sephora by OPI Personal Shopper for the lips and Color Club 24 Below for the bullet.

31DC2014 Inspired by a Color: Finger Paints – Sailor’s Lure


I’m not too happy with this one. I bought Finger Paints Sailor’s Lure and Underwater Enchantress (green) some time ago, and hadn’t really used them until now. I love the colors, especially the blue which turns kind of purple in the light, but I wasn’t expecting the texture. I had a design in mind, so I was a bit disappointed when I had to alter it because it wouldn’t work over the textured surface. Still, as texture polishes go, I think they’re pretty good.

I used Underwater Enchantress under the fish scales, though you can’t really tell, plus some gold holographic foil on the edges. I wanted to give it more of an underwater feel.

EDIT: I recommend applying top coat over these polishes for longer wear. I applied top coat on my right hand, but not on my left, and my left-hand nails have considerable chipping and wear (second day), while my right-hand nails have no chipping. I should also note that I can still feel the texture, even with the top coat.

31 Day Challenge 2013: Inspired by a Color


Since last year I chose to interpret “Inspired by a color” as a specific nail polish name, I intended to do that this year as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel inspired by any of the names of polishes I have, so I picked China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires. I bought this color a while ago, and was really excited to use it in a design. The silver is Art Club Nail Art Silver Glitter. I used rhinestone stars, but I think it would be better to use glitter stars. The pointy edges bothered me the whole day.

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Color


31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Color

Sinful Colors Rain Storm
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On

I wasn’t sure exactly what this challenge meant, so I took it to mean the name of the color. I chose Sinful Color’s Rain Storm and added blue glitters for the “rain drops.” Even though it doesn’t look like rain, but at least it’s inspired by it! ;)