31DC2017 Inspired by Fashion – Carolina Herrera 2018 Nails

This year for the fashion prompt I was inspired by a design from Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2018 collection. I began by applying a nude base color, let that dry, then painted sections with blue and yellow. Finally, I used a variety of different polishes to dot the colorful specks over the nude. I didn’t use any tape, but doing so would have made the color blocked sections much neater. You can see the design that inspired this nail art below!

Wet n Wild Private Viewing
Milani Power Periwinkle
Kleancolor Neon Yellow

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Previous years’ nail art:

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31DC2016 Red – Color Blocking


The first day of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge is here! I spent last week planning and doing a few of the designs ahead of time (might be cheating a bit…) so I could do my best to post daily. Actually I’d meant for these to go up earlier in the day, but at least I got them in before midnight.

I’m trying to keep the first round of the challenge pretty simple in terms of design, so I went with color blocked nails for Day 1. I’ve kept some of the areas sheer using Sparitual Idyllic, my current favorite sheer pink polish. It glides on smoothly without causing streaks, which is a problem with many of my other sheer polishes. In order to do the design, after applying the sheer pink, I made a cross dividing the sections, then filled those in with the following colors: Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, a bright red, Milani Cool Vibe, a violet, and
Revlon Peachy.

I’ve really looked forward to the challenge this year and I can’t wait to see everyone’s designs!

31DC2015 Inspired by a Flag – Medieval Banners


I have to say, the flag prompt is my least favorite – I’d prefer if it was something broader. Last year I did a design that incorporated many flags (you can see it here), and I really loved it, but this year I had no idea what to do. I didn’t want to use the U.S. flag since I usually do that for July 4th anyway. So a friend of mine suggested I do Medieval or Renaissance inspired flags, and I thought that’s a great idea! I didn’t use specific flags for these, and instead took inspiration from many, then created my own.

Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Sinful Colors Grecian Sun
Pure Ice Super Star
Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven

Spring Yellow & Green Color Blocked Nails


I’m so glad the snow is finally melting where I live – it was nice for a while, but Spring can’t come soon enough. In anticipation of the warmer weather, I decided to break out my greens and yellows (colors I love but don’t use enough) for a more lively look.


I went with Sally Girl Canary and Ciaté Apple & Custard. The green applied well, but I had to do a couple extra coats of the yellow because my bottle is almost empty and half dried out. I got some slight bubbling and it took forever to dry, but I really like it. I free-handed the white lines with a striping polish.

31DC2014 Stripes: Dried Flowers


I’m on the fence about these nails. I had a different design in mind, but when I finished it, you could barely tell the stripes, so I decided to save it for the floral day of the challenge.

I was excited to use the dried flowers in the Ciaté Flower Manicure – Strike A Posy, which comes with two containers of dried flowers, tweezers, a speed dry top coat, a nail file, and Ciaté mini Candy Floss, a bubblegum pink I used in the design. The flowers were really easy to apply. Once my nails were nearly dry, I applied some top coat (not the Ciaté one) on the area where I wanted the flower to be, then applied the flower with the tweezers. I cut some of the bigger flowers in half, but for the rest I just got rid of the excess using the sharp end of the tweezers. With my finger, I pressed down on the flowers and they stuck well to the nail, since the dried flowers are thin.

The other nail polishes I used in the design are Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Art Club Nail Art White, and an unnamed purple polish by Chic + Pretty. I liked the design before the flowers, but I think the problem I have with it is that from far away the flowers kind of look like blobs, since being natural they’re not too defined. I think they would look better on nails with only a base color, like in the promotional photos.

Purple Mosaic Nail Art


I just love mosaic designs! I had planned to use striping tape at first, but then decided to freehand it instead, which was much quicker. The colors I used are:

Sinful Colors Volcanic (The dark purple, it took about 2 coats to get it looking opaque.)
Milani 3D Holographic Hi-Res (I love this polish – the holographic stands out especially in sunlight.)
Kiss Nail Art Soft Purple
Fresh Paint Firefly (I think this is my new favorite light gray; it doesn’t look chalky at all and goes on opaque in 1 coat.)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On

esNAIL Inspired: Matte Navy Colorblock and Bows


These nails are inspired by an esNAIL design. I lost the link to the exact nail art, but this one is similar. The navy is OPI Russian Navy – matte and the sheer pink is Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast Sugar Coat.

Simple Color Blocking Green Nail Art


Sinful Colors Bamboo
Fresh Paint Honeydew
Finger Paints Scenery Greenery
Wet ‘n’ Wild Fastdry Ocean Grotto

Rose Nail Art with Color Blocking


I really like this design, even with my new short length. The light pink is wet n wild Wild Shine’s Tickled Pink; the green is Sinful Colors’ Innocent; and the darker pink on the roses is Kiss Nail Art’s Beach Pink. For the color blocking I was inspired by this tutorial, and used the same method with nail art tape. For the roses, I used a toothpick to draw the petals.