Stamped Christmas Pattern Nail Art


Merry Christmas! These nails were kind of a rush job which is why they’re wrinkled in a few areas. I started with Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl, a metallic white, on all of the nails except the accent. The stamping plate I used is Born Pretty Celebration BPX-L008. I love all the holiday designs on it and they’re so well done. The green I used is more on the turquoise side, Revlon Ocean, and the red is Essie Sweet & Delicious, both metallic polishes. When stamping, I applied both colors to the image for a gradient effect. For the accent nail, I applied the Revlon and Essie as the base colors, then topped it off with glitter: Sinful Colors Green Ocean, Sephora by OPI Be-Clause I Said So, and ELF Love Me.


Stamped Snowflakes Nail Art


Simple stamped snowflakes over CND Vinylux Patina Buckle, a dusty red duochrome. I absolutely love this nail polish! Duochromes are some of my favorites but most of the ones I’ve bought are too sheer. This one was nearly opaque on the first coat. The stamping plate I used for the snowflakes is Born Pretty’s Celebration BPX-L008. For stamping, I used Sally Hansen White On. I’ve had it for a while now, so it’s pretty thick and great for stamping.

Christmas Wreath Nails


A quick holiday nail design! Sadly (and painfully, too) I tore my middle nail two days ago and it’s going to take a while to heal and grow back. I’ll have to focus on my right hand for a while! I do have some swatches for a Julep review coming up that I did before though.

Anyway, for this particular design, I began with Wet ‘n’ Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel in All That Jazzy! for the background color. It doesn’t require any UV light but it does take a long time to dry. I bought two other colors from that line mainly because I really liked the shades, and I might post more on that later. The wreath is Sinful Colors Pine Away, a shimmery forest green, and for the bow I used Kleancolor Bite Me.

Themed Thursday December – Christmas Trees Nail Art


I don’t know about this nail art, it looked way better in my head. I thought making different Christmas trees would be a good idea if I gave them all the same color scheme, but it’s just a mess. The middle nail was supposed to be a rhinestone tree not an explosion, by the way. I do kind of like the ring finger nail. I used tape to make a triangle, then sponged a blue to green gradient over it. After removing the tape, I applied striping tape around the edges and to make the trunk. The gradient is not very obvious in the photo, but it looks better in person.

Ciaté Knee Highs
Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor
Maybelline Color Show Blue Blowout
Sparitual Crystal Eyes
Sparitual Blue Lagoon
Kleancolor Bikini Green

Themed Thursday December – Candy Cane Nail Art


The “candy cane” prompt took me so long to get done. I started off making a pattern of mini candy canes, but it looked terrible. Then I did something abstract that just ended up looking like DNA. I think it finally looks good like this.

Kleancolor Sheer Red
Sinful Colors Nail Art My  Day
Pure Ice Super Star

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Themed Thursday December – Santa Claus Nail Art


My Santa looks so cute! I considered painting reindeer or elves, but didn’t really want to, so even though the theme is “Santa and Friends” it’s just Santa and rhinestones for now!


Today I was so excited to finally receive the metal ring nail deco I had ordered in gold and silver. I kept seeing these on nail art all over, but had no idea where to get them. I found mine on ebay and I’m really liking them so far, though they’re a bit tricky to pick up. I ordered 4mm and my standard size rhinestones fit perfectly in the center. They look amazing on the accent nail.

For the colors, the red is a combination of two polishes: Sparitual Aroused, a dark brick red, and Sparitual Improvisation, a red tint with blue and pink shimmer. On its own it would have been too sheer for what I was going for (though the tint is well pigmented), so that’s why I applied it over a red base.

Sinful Colors Espionage (skin)
Ciaté Snow Virgin (beard)
Kiss Nail Art Soft Pink (cheeks)

Themed Thursday December – Gingerbread Nail Art


I love gingerbread cookies and making gingerbread houses. (A couple years ago I also did a gingerbread and peppermint candy design if you want to check it out here!) So I definitely had to incorporate both into my design!

I’m really happy with how the gingerbread man pattern turned out on my thumb, and I think a design using just that pattern would be so cute. I don’t have many brown polishes so I chose the dark brown I usually do, Sinful Colors Nirvana. The beige is Sinful Colors Espionage, a polish that applies well and is opaque in two coats. For the outlines of the houses and decor I used acrylic paints. Originally I was going to use a regular shiny top coat, but I decided to go for matte since it reminded me more of cookies.

Themed Thursday December – Christmas Lights Nail Art


This was a quick design to do and I think it turned out pretty well apart from a few messy spots here and there. I didn’t want to go too colorful with this one, and instead opted for an icy color scheme. The background polish is Ciaté Chinchilla, a blue-gray. I really like the look of the white lights, but it would be so easy to add color if you wanted to.

Themed Thursday December – Ornaments Nail Art


This month I’m doing another Themed Thursday Challenge. I’m way late on this one as I was wrapping up the 31DC2015, but I do have several designs ready. The theme for December is ‘Holidays’ and it’s a special edition, so there’s a prompt both on Thursdays and Sundays. Because I’m so behind I’ll post these much quicker.


The first prompt is “presents/ornaments.” I liked both options but decided to go with ornaments since I had a clearer idea of what I was going to do. I love how my nails turned out! Sadly the camera didn’t pick up on the holo, but in person it’s amazing. The polish is Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos and it’s one of my favorites. It’s not really meant to be opaque so I had to build it up with several coats. I’d suggest using a silvery polish as a background to fill in the empty spaces. The red ornaments are Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, and the bronze, Color Club Pearl District.

I’ll probably upload all the ones I’ve already done right away on Instagram if you want to check them out @cmyknails.


Favorite Christmas & Holiday Nail Polishes

I was hoping to get this out sooner, but swatching took me longer than I had anticipated. Anyway, I finally managed to get it done, so here are my favorite nail polishes for Christmas and the holiday season – in no particular order. I used several of these for my recent Christmas nail art!

Funky Fingers – Elsa, Anna, Olaf
The second I saw these nail polishes I knew I had to buy them – partly because they’re inspired by Frozen characters, but mostly because they’re perfect winter glitters. (Sorry for my stained nails, by the way!)


Olaf, my favorite out of the three, has white round and mini glitter with white snowflakes. The snowflakes were a bit difficult to get out of the bottle, but look really cute. I applied two heavy coats for this photo. You get more glitter by dabbing the brush on the nail instead of sliding it.


Anna is the more colorful of the three, with magenta round glitter, and both white and blue snowflake glitter. I think this one would look great over a dark pink or a green.


Elsa reminds me of melting chunks of ice. It has slightly bigger light blue sequins with smaller white glitter, and white snowflakes. It’s my second favorite out of three, and I think it looks super pretty on bare nails.


Ciaté – Party Shoes
This is a newer polish for me, and one I haven’t had as much chance to use, but the moment I saw the gold and green glitter I instantly thought of Christmas.


China Glaze – 5 Golden Rings
I’ve had this nail polish for a long time, and I find I’m always using it around the holiday season. It’s yellow-gold glitter in a yellowish base. I used about three coats for the swatch, but you could get away with just two. I like to use it as both a topper as well as on its own.


China Glaze – Eyes Like Sapphires
The only blue polish of the bunch, but one I use a lot. It’s a dark blue with silver shimmer, and it makes me think of a winter’s night. This one needs two coats to be opaque, and definitely a top coat for some shine. You can see the silver shimmer in the bottle more than on my nails.


Sinful Colors – San Francisco
I had picked out a couple of greens for this, but ended up with just this one on the list. It’s more on the yellow side of green, and has a frosted finish. I’d say this one needs at least two coats, maybe even three, since it’s not that opaque.


Sinful Colors – Silver Belle
Like China Glaze 5 Golden Rings, this is another Christmas-themed polish. It’s a sheer white frosted base with silver round glitter. I love it because you can get it like the bottle in about three coats, which is not the case for many other glitters. I only used two for the photo above.


Finger Paints – Framed in Red
This has got to be my main Christmas red! This is another oldie of mine, but one I love using throughout the year. It’s a blue-toned red with shimmer, and needs one to two coats for full opacity.


Finger Paints – Key To My Art
On my index and middle nails, this metallic polish is in between gold and silver. It’s pretty opaque, but I like applying two coats just in case. I love using it with black for a strong contrast.

Funky Fingers – Golden Grace
On my other two nails is Golden Grace, a similar shade, but with a different texture. Unlike Key To My Art, this one also has round gold glitter.


Sparitual – Looking Glass
I use more gold than silver during the holidays, but I had to include this one. What I really like about this metallic silver is the shimmer – it makes the nails glitter, especially in the light. Another great silver that’s similar to this one is ELF Liquid Metal, which you can see here.

This is a long post already, but I have to include some Honorable Mentions!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Go For Gold
is a beautiful metallic polish that has more warmth and a richer feel than some of the other golds I mentioned.

Kleancolor Bite Me is a medium red with red and gold shimmer. It also looks great with a matte topcoat. I have a photo of it in my Kleancolor Haul & Swatches post, here.

Finally, I have to mention two red glitters: ELF Love Me and Sephora by OPI Be-Clause I Said So, which are great toppers, especially over metallic silver and gold polishes.

elf - loveme