Glam Nails Challenge Jan – Penguin Nail Art


I’m kind of surprised I haven’t done any penguin related nail art in the past since they’re so cute and easy to do. I began by applying one layer of Kleancolor Metallic Black, an opaque black that applies so smoothly, I love it! Towards the edges it could have used a second coat, but I didn’t bother since I was going to cover them anyway with Pure Ice Super Star, the white. I used some leftover sticker guides I had for the chevron tips, and they remind me a little of abstract ice or snowy mountains, which definitely fits the penguin theme. Finally, for the yellow accents I used Hurricane Nail Art Yellow.


31DC2016 Flowers – Watercolor Violets


This design is one of my favorites in the challenge! All the colors really complement each other and I’m super proud of how my flowers turned out. Continue reading

31DC2015 Inspired by a Pattern – Chevrons


I love this design! I don’t do chevrons often, mainly because I’m terrible at free-handing them and I never seem to have the guides, but I finally bought a couple sheets. They really help the chevrons come out much neater.

Sinful Colors Volcanic
Sinful Colors High Strung
Color Club Edie
Pure Ice Super Star

Instead of just using separate colors, I began with a green and purple gradient. Although it made the chevrons look less sharp, I really like how it turned out, especially on the thumb and pinky nails. This design would look great for spring and Easter as well – my nails remind me of decorated eggs!



2 Sticker Manis: Cats, Chevrons, & Gingerbread Men

Normally I’m not a fan of stickers or decals because I find they don’t stick well, and end up peeling off the nail. But lately I’ve been seeing so many cute designs that I bought a few and decided to give them a try.


For the above design, I used Scratch & Sniff Nail Wraps (Watermelon) that I bought from my local pharmacy. These come with 12 nail wraps of varying sizes and designs. I was able to do both my hands, but had to adjust some of the wraps with scissors. They were easy to apply, though as you can see, they’re not perfect. In pressing them down I got some tears I tried to fix with nail polish. When I first applied them I noticed a light floral scent (not really like watermelon, but still nice), but that went away once I top coated them. The instructions don’t say to top coat, but I like to anyway to avoid chipping and wrinkling. For the $2 I paid for these I’d say they’re pretty good!


I did these about two weeks ago, but couldn’t upload them sooner because I had misplaced my camera cable. Sorry for the bad lighting, but I didn’t take any more because I removed them right away! I bought the cat stickers at Five Below (they’re just called Crazy Cats Nail Stickers – I’m pretty sure they’re from the same brand as the nail wraps above) and I love them. But they just weren’t properly sticking to my nails. I used Sparitual Magnify as a base color, and waited until it was nearly dry before applying them. At first they would stick, but then in a few seconds the edges would pull up. I really hate how that looks especially since they catch on everything. It was kind of a bummer since they’re super cute. I still have a lot left (comes with 1 sheet), so maybe I’ll try again at some point. Here’s a link for them, though mine have slightly different packaging.

EDIT – I just noticed on their website that they advise sticking them over wet polish, but the instructions that came with the one I bought say to apply over dry polish, and then to top coat. I’ll have to try them on wet polish to see if they stick better.

Have any of you used stickers like these before? How did you get them to stick to the nails properly?

31DC2014 Inspired by a Tutorial: Simple Chevrons


I love how these nails turned out, though my right hand is a lot messier looking. I had a difficult time in general making the pointed tips for these, and I couldn’t figure out why. Just now I’ve realized that I did the design upside-down! I did these late last night, so who knows where my mind was. I followed this tutorial by NailObsessionn on YouTube for the technique to make the chevron shapes using only the polish brush, and no tools.


I love the color combination, and actually picked the colors out before choosing a tutorial because I wanted to use them together. Ciaté Hidden Gem is the mustard I used as the base color. I’ve been on the search for a good mustard polish for a long time, and while this one isn’t 100% the shade I imagined, it’s pretty close. It requires two coats. The middle greenish-brown is Sephora by OPI Happy Earth Day To Me. This one was a bit streaky, so it also needed two coats. The shimmering dark teal is Sephora by OPI Teal We Meet Again, one of my favorite teals. This polish applied super smoothly and only needed one coat. I also don’t have any top coat on these because I couldn’t find it at the time.


Blue & Green Chevron Nails


I didn’t use any type of guide or tape to make this design, so it came out a bit messy. Luckily, from far away it’s hard to tell! I’m really loving L’Oreal’s the mystic’s fortune–in fact, I love that entire collection, makeup and all. I kind of regret not getting more of the nail polishes.

L’Oreal the mystic’s fortune
Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven, Anxious Azure
Kiss Nail Art Bikini Green
Hurricane Nail Art Silver