31DC2017 Black & White – Sketched Grid Nails

Looking back at my previous nail art for this prompt, I love nearly all of the black and white designs I’ve done, especially this one. In my first attempt, I used checkered stencils and added rhinestones over the black sections. It was terrible — I hadn’t placed the stencils straight enough, the rhinestones didn’t stand out, and on top of everything the top coat I was using smeared the black polish. I took everything off except the black accent nail and started over.

This time I kept the design much simpler and freehanded the grid instead of using stencils. I debated with filling in some of the squares, but I’m glad I didn’t because I prefer it this way. Apart from a few smudges thanks to my top coat, it looks much cleaner and less busy. I think it looks even better in person since the imperfections of the lines aren’t as noticeable.

Pure Ice Super Star
Sally Hansen Black Out

Previous years’ nail art:

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Glam Nails Challenge Jan – Penguin Nail Art


I’m kind of surprised I haven’t done any penguin related nail art in the past since they’re so cute and easy to do. I began by applying one layer of Kleancolor Metallic Black, an opaque black that applies so smoothly, I love it! Towards the edges it could have used a second coat, but I didn’t bother since I was going to cover them anyway with Pure Ice Super Star, the white. I used some leftover sticker guides I had for the chevron tips, and they remind me a little of abstract ice or snowy mountains, which definitely fits the penguin theme. Finally, for the yellow accents I used Hurricane Nail Art Yellow.

Glam Nails Challenge Jan – Half Moon Sparkles Nail Art


The third prompt for the Glam Nails Challenge is “sparkles.” Although a general prompt, I figured out what I wanted to do quickly. I knew I wanted a half moon design over a glittery black background. I added the rhinestones last minute, since my original idea was to draw white diamonds on the nails. I’m glad I added the rhinestones instead! Not only do they add the sparkle, but they make the design feel more complete. I love these nails and I’m super proud of how well the half moons turned out since I didn’t use any guides.

Sadly, the design didn’t last long on my nails. I’ve been trying UNT Ready for Takeoff Peel Off Base Coat, but I still haven’t mastered it. I either apply too little and I have trouble peeling it off, or (like in this case) I use too much and it pops off too easily. Still, these nails were great while they lasted.

Kleancolor Metallic Black
Sinful Colors Watch It Shine
Color Club Apollo Star
Art Club Nail Art Rose Gold Shimmer

31DC2016 Black & White – Half Moon



A simple nail art design for today’s prompt. I began by applying two coats of Sally Hansen White On, then waited for it to completely dry. I used sticker guides when painting in the half moons with Sally Hansen Black Out. The rhinestones add some texture to the look and in person they stand out more than the photo captures.

Inverted Zebra Print Nail Art


Zebra print is one of my favorite designs for nail art because the lines are relatively easy and quick to do.  Continue reading

31DC2015 B&W – Cityscape


I love this one! I wasn’t too happy with my last two designs, so I’m happy this turned out exactly how I had imagined it. It’s also been the quickest so far, even with doing both hands. The white is Pure Ice Super Star and I used black acrylic paint for the buildings, and then some white acrylic paint for the windows. All I did was take a square brush with the black, then paint the rectangles. I used a thin liner brush for the roof details, and a dotter for the windows. The moon looks a bit weird because I tried too hard to get the shape “just right” when it was fine the first time.


31DC2014 Flowers: Monochrome Flowers


Two posts in one day! Actually, I did these nails a few days ago for the ‘stripes’ day of the challenge, but when I finished I realized the stripes were barely visible. The black is Sparitual Body, a matte black. The stripes are Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Diamond, and though you can’t tell since the background is black, there’s black shimmer along with the silver glitter. For the white flowers, I used Phantom Frights Nail Art White. I didn’t apply any top coat to the nails.

31DC2014 Black and White: Broken Glass


I’m really happy with this design! It took a while to do, but it was worth it. I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme White On. Then, using a black nail art striper (Salon Perfect Black Ink), I drew a vertical line down the middle of the nails with the exception of the accent nail. From that line, I made diagonal lines on each side similar to a feather design. The last step was to randomly fill in the spaces leaving some visible triangular shapes. I think this design would be great with a matte topcoat as well (I would have tried it, but my matte ran out).


Valentine’s Day 2014: White Hearts


Sally Hansen White On
Sephora by OPI Bare to Be Different
Ying’s Color Pastel Cocoa

To get the swirls, I painted the hearts, then dotted Pastel Cocoa on the corner to give the impression that it was my natural nail color, then dotted white slightly higher.

31 Day Challenge 2013: Black & White


The base color I used for this design is L’oreal Raven’s Strength, a black with silver shimmer that shines blue in certain light. For the flowers, I first used a white marker, then went over it with a white striper. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, apart from the smudges on the thumb nail.