Autumn Leaves Nail Art

I’m really loving these autumn inspired leaf nails! These took me a while since I did a couple different techniques. For my thumb and pinky nails I did water spotting using spray hand sanitizer. The pinky nail looks more like a water marble, but I just experimented with the water spotting to get different designs. I love how the thumb nail turned out, it’s definitely my favorite!

For the leaves, I used stamping plate BP-L001 which has several nature and floral themed images. Once stamped, the leaves were a bit faded, so I painted a brighter orange on some sections. I’m glad I also added the gold touches here and there because it brings the design together. I used a lot of polishes for this nail art, but below are the major ones.

Sinful Colors Envy, Copper Pot
Revlon Raven Red, Sassy
Sparitual Improvisation, Mind


31DC2017 Honor Nails You Love – Autumn Waterfall Nails

Finally, the last prompt of the challenge! So I didn’t complete it in time, but a couple days over isn’t that bad, right? I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the challenge this year, but I’m glad I went through with it. As always, there are moments where I have lots of fun with it, and others when it becomes frustrating, but overall it’s a great experience.

For the last day of the challenge, I based my design on the amazing landscape nails of Piggieluv, @narmai on Instagram. I didn’t choose any one in particular, but just based it on the general idea. I found some beautiful pictures of waterfalls and one specifically which featured autumn trees, so I used that as inspiration. I used primarily acrylic paints for the design and added a few touches of polish here and there. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it, and I think it’s a great end to this year’s challenge.

I’ll upload a summary of all the challenge nails soon, and then get right into some Halloween-themed designs!

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31DC2017 Glitter – Autumn Sparkle Nails

I love these nails! In person they look so much shinier and the colors are more vivid too. They were super easy to do and I only used one nail polish and craft glitter. I began by applying two coats of L’Oreal Raven’s Strength, a metallic shimmery black. I let that dry for a couple of minutes then while they were still tacky, I dipped them into the different colors of glitter. Making sure they were fully covered, I pressed down to make sure none of the glitter was sticking up, then brushed away the excess using a fan brush.

For the gradient, I dipped the nail little by little, going in the color order I wanted to show up on the nail. I didn’t use any top coat so I don’t know if that would dull the glitter. There is a small section on the thumb near the cuticle where the glitter looks different. That’s because I originally tried to dip the nail in glitter using a clear coat. But once I realized that it looked much better with the nail polish alone, I didn’t use any clear or top coat on the rest of the nails.

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31DC2017 Metallic – Autumn Inspired Nails

For today’s metallic prompt, I did a design that was inspired by the changing of the seasons. I was originally going to use all warm colors, but then I saw a moss green foil that I love and knew I had to incorporate it as well. I should have started with a metallic green base, but I didn’t so I had a few bald spots I covered up with polish.

The accent nail features a pattern of copper leaves I did using nail art stencils. I kept them over a neutral background since I thought adding them over the green would be too distracting. Finally, I added metal studs between the silver and copper on the middle and little fingers.

Revlon Copper Penny
Revlon Silver Dollar
Sinful Colors Pine Away
Sparitual Mystic

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Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Art


I took a bit of a break this month from nail art, but I’m excited to get back into the swing of things. A couple days ago I finally received my order of stamping plates and a nail art mat which I’m already experimenting with, and on Cyber Monday I ordered a few holiday nail polish kits I want to review. So although November was slow, I have a lot of posts planned for December!

Anyway, these were my cute turkey nails for Thanksgiving. I had to look up some turkey clipart because I couldn’t actually remember what a turkey looked like! They didn’t take me long to do, but I did make the mistake of drawing in the feathers last which caused me to have to touch up some sections in the end. For the turkey bodies, I used Revlon Parfumerie Chocolate Truffle and Sinful Colors Nirvana. For the feathers and other details, I used Sinful Colors Copper Pot and Sinful Colors Nail Art Sunset and Be My Valentine.

Halloween 2016 – Witch Hats Nails


I think these are so cute! I got the idea to do different styled witch hats on each nail, but I didn’t want them just floating, so I added the witches. They look so adorable peeking in! I wanted to limit the colors in the design to orange (Sinful Colors Clementine), green (Ciaté Apple & Custard), and purple (Milani Vivid Violet) since they remind me of Halloween. I used a matte top coat so it could look more cartoony, but it took forever to dry, so I ended up with a few smudges.

Day of the Dead /Halloween 2016 – Floral Skull Nails


These are my first Halloween-themed nails of the year, and I love how they turned out! I think this design would also be great for Day of the Dead.  Continue reading

Halloween 2015 – Haunted House Nail Art


Today’s theme is Haunted House/Graveyard! I’m not that good at drawing houses, so my haunted house just ended up looking like a regular house, but at least the streaky windows look a little creepy.

For the background, I started with two coats of Color Club Portfolio, an amazing purple-green duochrome. I’m so in love with this color! A lot of my duochromes tend to be super sheer and disappointing, but this one went on opaque in two coats. By the time I finished the design I had covered up most of it though, so I definitely need to use this polish again soon; the purple with green shine is so perfect for Halloween.

I used creams for the rest of the colors: Kleancolor Bikini Green for the grass, Wet ‘n’ Wild On a Trip for the house, and Sinful Colors Citrine for the orange glow in the sky. I think the tombstones and the houses came out pretty good, but the spooky tree looks a bit weird.

Halloween 2015 – Jack-o-Lanterns Nail Art


I’m taking a short break from the 31DC2015 during October to do a Halloween themed challenge. I might still upload some 31 Day Challenge nails in between though. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I’m very excited about this! I found the challenge through Instagram, but I’ll also be uploading my designs on here as usual. Here’s more info:


This Jack-o-Lantern mani was super quick to do since I did it last minute. I just used two coats of Ciaté Hopscotch, a bright orange. This wouldn’t have been my first choice if I had a burnt orange color, but unfortunately I don’t. Using black acrylic paint, I added the faces. For some weird reason I couldn’t remember how Jack-o-Lanterns looked like so I had to do an image search to jog my memory. They were looking too plain with just the orange and black though, so I added Hurricane Nail Art Yellow to make them look lit up. Finally, since I wasn’t too happy with the orange, I added stripes of a shimmery orange (Sinful Colors Nail Art Sunset) to make the background less flat.


Pumpkin Patch Nail Art


So I decided to take a small break from the 31 Day Challenge to post some Fall- and Halloween-themed nail art, since I didn’t do any last year. For this pumpkin patch design, I first used Maybelline Styled Out. I then outlined and filled in the pumpkin and leaf shapes with white. I used two orange polishes for the pumpkins: Sinful Colors Clementine for the base and Sparitual Kindness to give them some shimmer and depth. The leaves are Finger Paints Underwater Enchantress, a shimmering metallic green that’s slightly sheer. I had to go over the leaves twice, but I love the effect.


I wanted to do something more abstract (and quicker) on my right hand, so I went with diagonal stripes. I used the same colors, starting off with Maybelline Styled Out for the base, then using white to create the stripes. I went over them with Sinful Colors Clementine, Finger Paints Underwater Enchantress, and Sparitual Intuition, a sheer, shimmery blue-purple.