31DC2017 Inspired by Art – Pop Art Nails

I’m almost at the end of the challenge now, only a few more designs to go! This year it’s been way more hectic than in the past, so I’m glad that I’ll be able to wrap it up soon. This design in particular took me a bit of time to do, but it wasn’t that difficult. I was inspired by pop art, specifically the art of Roy Lichtenstein, and I think it looks pretty good. The stamping plate I used is BP-L062 and features a variety of similarly styled images.

I finally bought some stamping polishes which made a huge difference when picking up the images. They came in a Pueen stamping kit which works really well and I might review later. I also bought a clear jelly stamper from the Born Pretty Store which made stamping the image on my curved nails easier. Once the stamps were down, I used sheer polishes to color them in.

OPI Color Paints
Primarily Yellow
Magenta Muse
Landscape Artist
Indigo Motif
Turquoise Aesthetic
Pen & Pink
OPI Sheer Tint Don’t Violet Me Down

Previous years’ nail art:

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31DC2016 Inspired by Art – Helen Frankenthaler, Faerie Tale


For today’s art prompt, I based my nail art off an amazing abstract painting by Helen Frankenthaler called Faerie TaleContinue reading

31DC2015 Inspired by Art – Stained Glass


This stained glass panel is called “Turkish Delight” by Robert Sowers (you can see more info on it here). I love this panel because the colors are eye-catching and the basic geometric shapes work so well together to form a complex design. I began with a gradient of blue, white, and red using Sally Girl Epic, Pure Ice Super Star, and Ciaté Mistress, respectively. Since the red was looking too bright on its own, I added an unnamed maroon polish by Cosmetic Arts at the top to darken it slightly. I then drew the dividing lines using Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Diamond. I really wanted to use my regular black liner, but I couldn’t find it, so I had to use my shimmery one instead.


I used Sinful Colors Clementine and Hurricane Nail Art Yellow for the dots on the sides. This part was tricky because I wasn’t sure how to transfer it to the nail. I thought about making lines between the yellow circles like in the original glass panel, but I felt it would clutter up the design too much, especially since the black lines were already thick. Lastly, I used Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, another bright red, to fill in the remaining middle and side panels.

31DC2014 Inspired by Artwork: Traditional Chinese Art


I didn’t have a clear idea of what artwork I wanted to do for this design, so I browsed through different kinds of art styles. Finally, I decided to create something inspired by traditional Chinese paintings. I first used two coats of Sephora by OPI Neutral Beauty for the base color, then used Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink to outline the branches and birds. With Phantom Frights Nail Art White I drew the petals and partly filled in the birds. I wanted to add some more color to the design, so I chose two polishes from Sinful Colors Nail Art: Lagoon, a semi-sheer blue/purple for the birds, and Be My Valentine for the petals.

31 Day Challenge 2013: Inspired by Artwork


I had a hard time figuring out which artwork to use as inspiration for this challenge. I’ve been busy lately and I wanted something that would be relatively quick to do. This design is inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian.

Sinful Colors Snow Me White
ULTA Blue Streak
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Sinful Colors Nail Art Be My Valentine, Time Off

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Art


I had a few different ideas for this design, all pretty abstract. When I first started thinking about this challenge I had a painting by Helen Frankenthaler in mind, but when I saw it again it was too dark and I wanted something more colorful. I didn’t know too much about her other works, so I looked her up and found three paintings I wanted to use for the challenge. In the end I chose the one that incorporated the most colors.

OPI Mod About You
Sinful Colors Nail Art Simple But Fun, Hey Dear!, Sour Grapes, Sunset
Kiss Nail Art Beach Pink, Soft Pink
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow

I really like how it turned out and it didn’t take that long either. I think they kind of look like roses.

The painting is Flirt by Helen Frankenthaler:

The other two paintings I considered were Sesame and Contentment Island. I like her work a lot and I encourage everyone to check it out!