Easter Floral Bunny Nail Art

This month’s been pretty hectic for me, and on top of it all I also broke three(!) nails nearly all at once, so I just didn’t feel like painting them. But yesterday I got an idea for some Easter-inspired nails and did them right away!

I’m not sure how obvious it is in the photos, but I was trying to go for a radial gradient. I used three colors and painted them in a bullseye shape on the sponge. I began with Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, a bright yellow, for the outer circle. I then applied Revlon Peachy in the middle and Sinful Colors Pink Forever in the center.

Before sponging, I prepped my nails with two coats of white polish so the colors would be more intense, and did three coats of the gradient. Next time I need to make the bullseye much smaller though since the yellow did get cut off a bit on the sides.

I’ve painted bunnies and flowers plenty of times before, so they were quick to do, especially the flowers since I just used a dotter. I think this design turned out pretty cute and I’m glad to have some nail art on my nails again after a while of not having any!

Glam Nails Challenge Jan – Penguin Nail Art


I’m kind of surprised I haven’t done any penguin related nail art in the past since they’re so cute and easy to do. I began by applying one layer of Kleancolor Metallic Black, an opaque black that applies so smoothly, I love it! Towards the edges it could have used a second coat, but I didn’t bother since I was going to cover them anyway with Pure Ice Super Star, the white. I used some leftover sticker guides I had for the chevron tips, and they remind me a little of abstract ice or snowy mountains, which definitely fits the penguin theme. Finally, for the yellow accents I used Hurricane Nail Art Yellow.

Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Art


I took a bit of a break this month from nail art, but I’m excited to get back into the swing of things. A couple days ago I finally received my order of stamping plates and a nail art mat which I’m already experimenting with, and on Cyber Monday I ordered a few holiday nail polish kits I want to review. So although November was slow, I have a lot of posts planned for December!

Anyway, these were my cute turkey nails for Thanksgiving. I had to look up some turkey clipart because I couldn’t actually remember what a turkey looked like! They didn’t take me long to do, but I did make the mistake of drawing in the feathers last which caused me to have to touch up some sections in the end. For the turkey bodies, I used Revlon Parfumerie Chocolate Truffle and Sinful Colors Nirvana. For the feathers and other details, I used Sinful Colors Copper Pot and Sinful Colors Nail Art Sunset and Be My Valentine.

31DC2016 Inspired by the Supernatural – Flying Unicorn


The challenge is almost over, only two more days left! I’m so proud that this will finally be the first 31 Day Challenge I actually complete during September! Anyway, for today’s supernatural prompt, I’ve done a winged unicorn.  Continue reading

31DC2016 Stripes – Baby Ducks


I love these nails! They’re similar to the frog ones in my last post and I really like how cute the design looks. Continue reading

31DC2016 Polka Dots – Cute Frogs


I think this design turned out pretty cute. I wanted to stamp the frog faces, but the stamp I had in mind turned out to be a duck’s face instead, so I just freehanded them. Luckily I did have one frog stamp from my Born Pretty plate (BP-L 001) that I used on my ring finger nail. In hindsight, I think the polka dots would have looked better if they were slightly bigger and more spread apart, but I’m still happy with the results.

Sparitual Weathered the Storm
Ciaté Apple & Custard

31DC2015 Blue – Under the Sea


I think I’ve been doing pretty good so far. Yesterday’s mani was on top of the water and now we’re going below the surface! I was really excited about the idea, but it ended up being one of those designs that looks better in your head. I tried to recreate the tropical fish as best I could, but I think they would have looked better outlined. If you’re wondering what the pink and purple lines are, they’re supposed to be coral.


The background blue I used is Sinful Colors Grecian Sun. I sponged Brucci Kathy’s Baby Blues near the base of the nail to depict the water lit by sunlight. I used a lot of polishes for the rest of the design, so I’ll just list them below.

Kleancolor Bikini Green
Revlon Eclectic
Kiss Nail Art Beach Pink
Sinful Colors Nail Art Sour Grapes, No More, Sunset
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Fresh Paint Passion Fruit
Sinful Colors Pink

31DC2015 Green – Frogs on Lily Pads


I wasn’t loving this one when I finished it because I didn’t think there was enough difference between the water and the lily pads, but it’s grown on me. I think the little frogs came out so cute. I used Sinful Colors Open Seas for the background, then dabbed on some Revlon Jaded to make it look more like water. I outlined the lily pads with Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink and lined the insides with Kiss Nail Art Bikini Green. I filled in the frogs with Finger Paints Scenery Greenery, and used Sparitual Uncharted for the pink in the water lilies.


31DC2015 Yellow – Tropical Birds


Another design I really like! This was going to be just canaries at first, but then I got the idea to add the blue and green details so it didn’t look as bland. Now they’re just random tropical birds :) The yellow is Sally Girl Canary, the polish that inspired the design. I didn’t want anything neon or pastel but just a saturated yellow. The application was tricky because my bottle is pretty much on its last legs, but the top coat smoothed out a lot of the imperfections.


For the accent nail, I applied one coat of Sparitual Low Tide, let that dry, then dabbed on several coats of Sinful Colors Green Ocean, a beautiful blue-green flakie. For the birds, I used Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink to outline. The green and blue details are Revlon Sassy and Sephora by OPI Natural Environ-mint. Before applying them, I wiped the brushes a few times so they would give a streaky effect.

Blue Kitty Nails


These are so cute, I love them! I used Orly Snowcone for the base color. It’s one of my favorite blues – just looking at it now makes me wish I had a pool. The kitties and paw prints are Pure Ice Super Star, and the black I used for the bows and eyes is Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink. The little bit of pink for the nose and ears is Orly Pink Waterfall. I had originally drawn in some whiskers, but they didn’t look that good because they were too cramped.