Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Jungle Nail Art

I’m really happy with how these jungle nails for the challenge turned out! At first I was going to do stamping, but after a couple tries, I didn’t like how that looked. This design ended up being a mix of things, from jungle to leopard print, but I love it. I think the deco flowers especially make it look more colorful and fun. Sadly, they really didn’t last long on my nails, but I used regular top coat, not nail glue, so I’m sure that would make a difference.

I used so many polishes, I lost track of all the greens, so I won’t list them. But I will mention that the background on the jungle nails isn’t just black, but black with a coat of sheer blue on top. Though it’s not visible in the photos, in person it makes it so you can see a blue sheen over the black parts. It’s just something I got the idea to try and ended up really liking.

I know I’m super behind on the challenge (as usual!), but I’ll try my best to get the rest of the prompts done before the month ends!


31DC2017 Animal Print – Grand Imperial Butterfly Nails

This year for the animal print prompt I did a design based on the Grand Imperial Butterfly. I think there are different types of it, but the ones I saw have wings featuring an orange to white gradient and black details. I thought the wings would be perfect for some nail art so I gave it a shot. I like how the design turned out even though the gradient could have been smoother. The spots remind me a bit of leopard print the way I did them, but on the photos they resemble waves more.

Revlon Parfumerie Orange Blossom
OPI Primarily Yellow

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31DC2017 Blue – Leopard Print Nails

I’m a day late, but here are the nails for the blue prompt! I wasn’t sure what to do, so I went with leopard print which I haven’t done in a while. I’m really happy with how it looks and I love the holographic touches. I took the photos outside, but it wasn’t that sunny so the holo isn’t as obvious.

Revlon Parfumerie Tropical Rain
Sinful Colors Navy I Do
Art Club Nail Art Iridescent Glitter
Sally Hansen Nail Art Purple

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31DC2016 Animal Print – Red Turquoise Discus


Since I normally do leopard or zebra prints for this prompt, I wanted to do something completely different this time. Continue reading

Inverted Zebra Print Nail Art


Zebra print is one of my favorite designs for nail art because the lines are relatively easy and quick to do.  Continue reading

Recreating My First Nail Art: Tiger Stripes


When I was getting into nail art the first design I did (not including French tips) was tiger stripes.  Continue reading

31DC2015 Animal Print – Koi Scales


Animal print is one of my favorite prompts for this challenge because there are so many possibilities. I had a lot of fun with this dotticure and it was so quick to do. I began with two coats of Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen – which actually does smell like fabric softener. I then placed random clusters of dots using Sparitual Kindness. This is a beautiful orange with gold shimmer that is perfect for the fall season (I definitely want to use this color as a base for another design soon). I looked up some koi photos and tried to mimic how the scales looked in terms of color. There are many varieties of koi, but the one I used as a guide had some black in the orange parts, so I added black dots as well. For the white/gray scales, I mixed Fresh Paint Firefly with Fresh Linen, then placed them in the open areas, making sure to leave some uncovered space so they would actually look like distinct dots.

Purple and Green Leopard Print Nail Art


I love how this design turned out! I hadn’t done leopard print in a while so it’s nice to see it on my nails again. I knew I wanted to do something involving a purple and bright green gradient, so I spent some time playing around with the colors and where I would use them in the print. I was originally going to use shades of purple and green to outline the marks, but it wasn’t showing up well with the background. I prefer the black anyway as it’s more of a contrast.

Wet ‘n’ Wild On a Trip
Sinful Colors Mauve
Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier
Kleancolor Neon Green
Sinful Colors Envy
Sinful Colors High Strung

31DC2014 Animal Print: Leopard Slanted Tip


One of the very first designs I did when I was getting into nail art is leopard print, and it’s still one of my favorites. To change it up a bit from my usual, I decided to only do it in a slanted tip. I began with one coat of Sparitual Reminisce, a semi-sheer nude shimmer. Then, I painted in the tips with Sparitual Mind. For the spots, I used another Sparitual polish, Running With Wolves, a beautiful bronze. To outline the spots, I used Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink. I’m really liking this nail art striper, because the brush is so thin it’s easier to do detail work.

Snake Skin Nails + L’Oreal Nail Stickers Review


This photo is three-day wear, so they don’t look as fresh as when I first did them. I began by applying the L’Oreal Project Runway Limited Edition Nail Stickers in The Seductive Temptress. Once they were all on, I applied Wet ‘n’ Wild Black Creme to the corners with a sponge. I used Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold to accent the nails and added some golden caviar beads, that ended up losing a bit of their color with the topcoat.

I didn’t have a difficult time finding the right size for the stickers, though I messed up on a few and ended up with too much nail showing on the sides. The fact that they were on a clear plastic was helpful since I didn’t have to unstick them to check if they fit. The main problem I had was at the edge. After I filed off the leftover, the edge looked and felt very uneven and I could see my natural nail. That was the main reason I decided to add more to the design with the black. I used it to cover up those bits where the nail was visible. There were also some spots that ended up a bit crinkly and wouldn’t flatten. That was less noticeable after applying the black and topcoat, but it still kind of bothered me.

Removing them was easy – first I removed the top coat and polish, then peeled the stickers off, and used polish remover again for the residue. I have 7 left (I messed up on one and had to throw it out), which I plan to use for accent nails in the future. I think I would have worn them longer if it hadn’t been for the caviar beads.