31DC2017 Honor Nails You Love – Autumn Waterfall Nails

Finally, the last prompt of the challenge! So I didn’t complete it in time, but a couple days over isn’t that bad, right? I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the challenge this year, but I’m glad I went through with it. As always, there are moments where I have lots of fun with it, and others when it becomes frustrating, but overall it’s a great experience.

For the last day of the challenge, I based my design on the amazing landscape nails of Piggieluv, @narmai on Instagram. I didn’t choose any one in particular, but just based it on the general idea. I found some beautiful pictures of waterfalls and one specifically which featured autumn trees, so I used that as inspiration. I used primarily acrylic paints for the design and added a few touches of polish here and there. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it, and I think it’s a great end to this year’s challenge.

I’ll upload a summary of all the challenge nails soon, and then get right into some Halloween-themed designs!

Previous years’ nail art:

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Sunflowers Nail Art


It’s still super cold out, but I’m already thinking about Spring! I meant to post these much sooner since I did them a while ago, but I was pretty busy during February. Anyway, I’m loving this Zoya polish! It’s called Zoya Annie, and it’s an orange with golden shimmer. Before adding the flowers, I wore it alone for a few days. Normally I don’t think orange suits my skin tone, but I think this color works well, maybe because of the shimmer.

For the sunflowers, I used acrylic paint – first using white to paint the shapes, then adding the colors on top so they could stand out more. I like this effect because it almost looks like I added stickers to my nails, but they’re actually painted.

Glam Nails Challenge Jan – North Pole Nails


After searching for a challenge to do, I finally found one I liked on Instagram: the Glam Nails Challenge for January. It’s filled with winter themed prompts, some I had planned on doing anyway, so I couldn’t wait to get started!

I was originally going to paint a North Pole village for the second prompt (I’m skipping the first since I’ve already done two New Year’s designs), but decided to focus on ice and snow mounds instead. Unfortunately that wasn’t so easy to execute. Icy landscapes tend to be a lot of blue and white, and without proper shading everything just looks indiscernible.

In my first attempt I started with a light blue background, added the snow in white, and attempted to shade with blue. But by the end, I could barely tell what it was. So I tried again, using a neutral colored background instead: Ciaté Iced Frappe. This gave the ice and snow more of a contrast. The rest of the design I did using acrylic polishes, mixing in more water in some areas to get a translucent icy effect.

I encourage anyone who’s interested to try this or another similar challenge out! The prompts are fun and they don’t require the daily commitment of challenges like the 31 Day Challenge. Here are the rest of the prompts:


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