31DC2018 Green – Leafy Drip Marble Nails

I'm continuing the marble theme with some drip marble nails for the green prompt. I followed this tutorial by Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures. She has a ton of different videos on all types of marbling, nail art, and more that you should definitely check out if you haven't already! When dripping the polishes… Continue reading 31DC2018 Green – Leafy Drip Marble Nails


31DC2018 Red – Dry Marble Stripe Nails

I've been really feeling marble designs lately, so I wanted to do a few for the color section of this year's challenge. I used my silicone stamping mat I bought from Born Pretty Store (this is the one I have) to do drag marbling. I had only tried this technique a couple times before, so… Continue reading 31DC2018 Red – Dry Marble Stripe Nails


Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Paisley Nail Art

The second prompt of this month's challenge is paisley. I personally don't like how paisley patterns look all that much, so I went with a simple design. I still wanted to keep it a bit colorful, so I used a variety of polishes for the background and lighter shades for the paisleys themselves. Revlon Plum… Continue reading Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Paisley Nail Art


80s Pattern Nails – Liga Nailista Challenge

Here are some 80s inspired nails for the second prompt! I really like this type of pattern and I think it can be done so many different ways too. I used four nail polishes for the base colors: Salon Perfect Purple POP!, a neon purple, with LA Colors Just Radiant, a shimmery purple layered on… Continue reading 80s Pattern Nails – Liga Nailista Challenge


Silver Wave Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

I love this nail art, but it definitely took some trial and error. I used two polishes: ILNP Mega (S), a linear silver holo, and Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish. I couldn't get the holo to show up much even with outside lighting, but in person it's definitely holographic. I first used a peel-off base… Continue reading Silver Wave Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

Holiday/Special Day

Abstract Christmas Nails

I'm really loving these nails, I think they look so festive! They were quick to do and I didn't use any special tools. On Cyber Monday I purchased this year's Julep #Coveted set of mini nail polishes (I'll have swatches and a review of that up soon), so I used several of those in this… Continue reading Abstract Christmas Nails


31DC2017 Inspired by a Tutorial – Pink Tie Dye Nails

Recently, I did a tie dye design based on a tutorial by Nailistas (you can check out mine here). I love how it turned out so much that I decided to try it again for this prompt, but using a color scheme closer to the one she used in the tutorial. This is such a fun… Continue reading 31DC2017 Inspired by a Tutorial – Pink Tie Dye Nails


Blue Arc Nails

Just some quick nail art I did! This was simple and only took me a few minutes to do. I really like the combination of the blue, rose gold, and light green. Sinful Colors Endless Blue KISS Nail Art Bikini Green Art Club Nail Art Rose Gold Shimmer


Abstract Waves Nail Art

Halfway through this nail art I realized it's really similar to the wave nail art I did last year (here). I even used some of the same polishes! The waves on that design are narrower though, and I wanted more of a marble look here. Sorry for the photo quality not being that great, but… Continue reading Abstract Waves Nail Art


Tie Dye Nail Art

These are definitely my favorite so far from the challenge! I hadn't done tie dye nail art before now, so this took me some practice. This design is actually my second try, because my first, blue and white swirls, didn't look like tie dye at all. I took some photos and might post it eventually,… Continue reading Tie Dye Nail Art