80s Pattern Nails – Liga Nailista Challenge

Here are some 80s inspired nails for the second prompt! I really like this type of pattern and I think it can be done so many different ways too. I used four nail polishes for the base colors: Salon Perfect Purple POP!, a neon purple, with LA Colors Just Radiant, a shimmery purple layered on top; Milani Power Periwinkle, the blue; and Sephora by OPI What Aura Gonna Wear?, a hot pink. For the designs I used a variety of Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens.


Silver Wave Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

I love this nail art, but it definitely took some trial and error. I used two polishes: ILNP Mega (S), a linear silver holo, and Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish. I couldn’t get the holo to show up much even with outside lighting, but in person it’s definitely holographic.

I first used a peel-off base coat which was a mistake, but it totally slipped my mind until it was time to peel off the vinyls. Once I switched base coats, the mirror polish became the problem since it requires a special base coat. Once the base coat dried it kept sticking to the edges of the vinyls so by the time I applied the mirror polish itself it would pull up when removing the vinyls. I solved this by sponging on the base coat instead of just using the brush. This is a subtle design, but it looks really cool especially up close.

Pink Winter Wonderland Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

This is my third try with this prompt! I knew what I wanted the design to look like, but I kept over-complicating it by adding too many details. Finally, I decided to keep it simple, using just white for the foreground, and only Fresh Paint Passion Fruit (pink) and OPI Color Paints Primarily Yellow for the sky (originally I had done a gradient with multiple colors). I then used Julep Arelene, a pink shimmery polish, to go over the pink and yellow. I think this looks much better matte and in person the snow almost has a 3D effect. Instead of using a regular matte top coat, I used Revlon Matte Pearl Glaze, which is a matte with pink shimmer. I really love these nails!

Click here if you want to see last year’s Winter Wonderland nails!

Ultraviolet Floral Nails – Liga Nailista Challenge

I was definitely not expecting to do TWO challenges this month (especially since I have trouble keeping up with one most of the time), but I saw this one on Instagram and had to try it! It only has four themes, so I think I can manage it, though I’m already late by three days…

You’re supposed to do this challenge with a friend so each of you can do one of the prompts in a theme, but I’ll just be doing it myself. I’m kind of doing both sides of the first prompt though since purple is one of my favorite colors. This design is actually based on my bed cover, and I really like it. The nail art itself was pretty easy to do since I’ve done a ton of floral nail art before. I used Wet ‘n’ Wild On a Trip as my background color, and various nail art pens and liners for the flowers and leaves.

Stamped Penguin Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

I wasn’t too excited about this prompt since last year for January’s challenge penguins were also on the list and they’re not really my favorite. Still, it didn’t take long to do and it looks alright. The pattern is from plate BP-L063, which is full of cute animal images. For this design, I began with a white base, then sponged on Sinful Colors Pull Over to represent the accents of yellow on penguins’ bodies and beaks.

Snowman Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

Another year, another challenge! I wasn’t planning on doing one this month, but I looked at the prompts and realized snowman nail art was the first — and wouldn’t you know it, I had these ready to go! I was going to post them last week when I remembered I hadn’t done New Year’s nails and put them off.

I like how the snowman turned out, but I’m not loving the rest of the nails. A bit too plain for my liking and the dotting turned out messy. The light blue is Diamond Cosmetics Blue Cotton, a shade I bought recently that I really like. For the silvery accents in the snow I used BNC 717.

New Year 2018 Nail Art + Gel Top Coat

Happy New Year 2018!

I got a 12W Kedsum LED Lamp for Christmas, so this is my very first try doing gel nails, at least partially since I only used a gel top coat. As a disclaimer, I wanted the lamp to try out nail powders, not for long-wear gel nails, so I didn’t follow all the recommended steps for a regular gel polish application.

I began by applying UNT Peel-Off Base Coat since I didn’t want to deal with the complicated process of taking them off after only a few days. Then I used a coat of regular black polish and let that dry. Once that was done, I applied OneDor Gel No Wipe Top Coat, cured it for 30 seconds, then rubbed the powder on the nails (Born Pretty Chameleon Holo Flakes Powder in blue). I struggled a bit with this step. I’m not sure if the bigger flakes made the application less smooth, or if it was something I did wrong, but there were a few spots that didn’t take the powder evenly. After stamping on my design using plate Celebration BPX-L013, I then applied another layer of the gel top coat and cured for another 30 seconds.

For a first try I think they came out decent, though I don’t love this powder as much as I thought I did – maybe I just need to play around with it more. I have some more nail powders I ordered that I want to try eventually, but I think I’ll stick to regular polish for the most part.

Chimney Santa Nails

Merry Christmas! These nails are inspired by a sweater I have that shows Santa going down the chimney. It’s so funny to me, so I tried my best to recreate it on my nails. Let’s assume Santa puts out the fire before he reaches the bottom! ;)

I got a professional manicure the other day, so the red base polish on the index and little nails (Tammy Taylor Sea of Roses – regular version, not gel) isn’t my own, but the rest of the polishes I used for the actual design are below:

Ciaté Chinchilla
Sinful Colors Nirvana, Pull Over
Kleancolor Blood
Fresh Paint Steampunk
Sparitual Kindness

For the lettering and smaller details I used various colors from Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens.

Stamped Kwanzaa Nails

I really love how these festive Kwanzaa nails look! The only thing I would change would be to use a greener green – the one I used for the stripes, Revlon Wild, looks more like gold. For the red stripes I used Revlon Ravishing, a bright tomato red. I really like how the accent nail turned out, considering I’m not a huge fan of bar glitter. It took about 4-5 coats of Revlon Golden Confetti for almost full coverage without a base color.

Stamped Snowflakes on Glitter Nail Art

For these snowflake nails I used stamping plate BP-L056. I first applied two coats of a lavender polish by Academy of Colour. Over that I used Julep Ani, a purple and pink glitter, which doesn’t show up too much in the photo, but in person looks nice. I hadn’t realized until I looked back on my old winter designs that I did similar nails last year, but on a red background. These are more on the simple end, but I do still like how they turned out.