Julep #Coveted Swatches + Review


I bought Julep #Coveted Best of 2016 Nail Color Collection on Ulta for $28 on Cyber Monday. It’s not available there anymore, but it’s still on Julep’s official website, here. I didn’t previously own any Julep polishes, so I was really anticipating trying out this collection of their best ones. Continue reading


Ciaté Mini Mani Month 2016 Swatches + Review


This Cyber Monday I did a lot of shopping for Christmas gifts, and of course I couldn’t resist picking up a few nail polish items along the way, including Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month 2016Continue reading

Maybelline – Blue Blowout


Love this color! 1-2 coats, no topcoat. There are some bare spots on the thumb because the polish dries quickly and the brush dragged some of it. It turned out best when I applied it in quick strokes.




Favorite Christmas & Holiday Nail Polishes

I was hoping to get this out sooner, but swatching took me longer than I had anticipated. Anyway, I finally managed to get it done, so here are my favorite nail polishes for Christmas and the holiday season – in no particular order. I used several of these for my recent Christmas nail art!

Funky Fingers – Elsa, Anna, Olaf
The second I saw these nail polishes I knew I had to buy them – partly because they’re inspired by Frozen characters, but mostly because they’re perfect winter glitters. (Sorry for my stained nails, by the way!)


Olaf, my favorite out of the three, has white round and mini glitter with white snowflakes. The snowflakes were a bit difficult to get out of the bottle, but look really cute. I applied two heavy coats for this photo. You get more glitter by dabbing the brush on the nail instead of sliding it.


Anna is the more colorful of the three, with magenta round glitter, and both white and blue snowflake glitter. I think this one would look great over a dark pink or a green.


Elsa reminds me of melting chunks of ice. It has slightly bigger light blue sequins with smaller white glitter, and white snowflakes. It’s my second favorite out of three, and I think it looks super pretty on bare nails.


Ciaté – Party Shoes
This is a newer polish for me, and one I haven’t had as much chance to use, but the moment I saw the gold and green glitter I instantly thought of Christmas.


China Glaze – 5 Golden Rings
I’ve had this nail polish for a long time, and I find I’m always using it around the holiday season. It’s yellow-gold glitter in a yellowish base. I used about three coats for the swatch, but you could get away with just two. I like to use it as both a topper as well as on its own.


China Glaze – Eyes Like Sapphires
The only blue polish of the bunch, but one I use a lot. It’s a dark blue with silver shimmer, and it makes me think of a winter’s night. This one needs two coats to be opaque, and definitely a top coat for some shine. You can see the silver shimmer in the bottle more than on my nails.


Sinful Colors – San Francisco
I had picked out a couple of greens for this, but ended up with just this one on the list. It’s more on the yellow side of green, and has a frosted finish. I’d say this one needs at least two coats, maybe even three, since it’s not that opaque.


Sinful Colors – Silver Belle
Like China Glaze 5 Golden Rings, this is another Christmas-themed polish. It’s a sheer white frosted base with silver round glitter. I love it because you can get it like the bottle in about three coats, which is not the case for many other glitters. I only used two for the photo above.


Finger Paints – Framed in Red
This has got to be my main Christmas red! This is another oldie of mine, but one I love using throughout the year. It’s a blue-toned red with shimmer, and needs one to two coats for full opacity.


Finger Paints – Key To My Art
On my index and middle nails, this metallic polish is in between gold and silver. It’s pretty opaque, but I like applying two coats just in case. I love using it with black for a strong contrast.

Funky Fingers – Golden Grace
On my other two nails is Golden Grace, a similar shade, but with a different texture. Unlike Key To My Art, this one also has round gold glitter.


Sparitual – Looking Glass
I use more gold than silver during the holidays, but I had to include this one. What I really like about this metallic silver is the shimmer – it makes the nails glitter, especially in the light. Another great silver that’s similar to this one is ELF Liquid Metal, which you can see here.

This is a long post already, but I have to include some Honorable Mentions!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Go For Gold
is a beautiful metallic polish that has more warmth and a richer feel than some of the other golds I mentioned.

Kleancolor Bite Me is a medium red with red and gold shimmer. It also looks great with a matte topcoat. I have a photo of it in my Kleancolor Haul & Swatches post, here.

Finally, I have to mention two red glitters: ELF Love Me and Sephora by OPI Be-Clause I Said So, which are great toppers, especially over metallic silver and gold polishes.

elf - loveme

Swatches and Review: Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar Vol. 2


Although I’m not a huge fan of caviar nail art, I found the Ciaté Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2 kit on sale, and decided to give it a try. As you can see from the photo above, the kit comes with four mini polishes: Snow Virgin (white), Fun Fair (pink), Ferris Wheel (blue), and Mistress (red); and four mini bottles of caviar mixes: Front Row, Fatal Attraction, Stick or Twist, and Wild Fire. The kit also comes with a funnel so after application you can put the extra beads back into the bottles. As a side note, I would suggest doing this over a piece of paper or something with less static. The instructions suggest doing it over the plastic, but I found that the beads stuck to the plastic too much, and it was difficult to get them into the funnel.


These are the colors before I sprinkled the beads over them. I applied two coats for this photo, and as you can see, the pink and blue are still a bit streaky. With only one coat, the red, while not as streaky, is sheer. Although all the colors are pretty standard, I really like the vibrancy of the red and white – I think that’s the brightest white polish I have, which is nice.


I applied the caviar bead combinations over the complementary polishes. What I like about these is that they don’t just have different color beads, but also glitter and sequins. Front Row, the one on my index finger, has black and silver beads, as well as clear iridescent sequins. But, while I think it looks great in the bottle, I’m not sure if I like it on my nails. Some of the sequins were sticking out and that was a bit uncomfortable.

Wild Fire, on my middle finger, is my favorite of the four. I felt that it went the most smoothly on and evenly covered my nail. It’s only made up of caviar beads, red and clear. Although the texture is somewhat different from other caviar beads I’ve tried, more jelly-like, if that makes sense.

On my ring finger I have Stick or Twist, a combination of teal and clear beads with the same clear sequins that are in Front Row. I like the colors better, but again, maybe it’s the sequins, but I wasn’t as big a fan of this one. I feel like I have too many “bald spots” on my nails where the sequins are.

The last one on my pinky nail is Fatal Attraction. It’s made up of light and dark pink beads and pink glitter. This is my second favorite; it covered my nail really well. I love the glitter in this one because it fills in any of the random spots between the beads.

I like this kit, though I’m not sure if I would get a lot of use out of the polishes (except Snow Virgin) unless it’s to pair them up with the bead mixes. The caviar mixes are unique, though I’m not totally sold on the sequins. So, if you can find the individual mixes full size and want to try them, I would suggest Wild Fire and Fatal Attraction.

Swatches and Review: Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Wave – Pink


This is another of the nail polish sets I bought recently. This Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Wave ombre set comes with six mini polishes from the Wild Shine line in pink shades. Neither the box nor the polishes have names, so I’m not sure if they’re available in full size. I have a few from this line, but none of these colors.


I used two coats for all of the polishes, and while some of them were a bit streaky with the first coat, they reached full coverage with the second. The only polish I didn’t use in this photo (above) is the glitter, since I used it to top coat all the nails later. I like the gradient, although I think there could have been more of a difference between the magenta and red polishes since from far away they look too similar.


These are the polishes with the glitter top coat. While the nail polish base is pink, the glitter has more of a golden hue, so the color of the polishes doesn’t change too much. The only exception is the palest pink on my thumb, which definitely looked more pink after I applied the glitter top coat.

It’s nice to have a kit with polishes that are already in ombre order, especially for someone who may not have many shades of one color. I love Wet ‘n’ Wild polishes since they’re good quality and pretty cheap. This makes me want to pull out all of my similar polishes and group them for ombre!

Swatches and Review: ELF 4pc Nail Polish Set

elf - holidaypack

I recently got this ELF set from a friend. It was a nice surprise, because I don’t have any ELF nail polish, though I have a ton of their makeup products. For the swatches I used 1-2 coats (no top coat) and found they were pigmented and easy to apply. I don’t have the packaging anymore, so I don’t know the exact name, but I think they are one of ELF’s holiday sets. The colors definitely remind me of the holiday season!

(click below for swatches)

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Swatches & Review: Ciaté’s Haute House

ciate - hautehouse

The Ciaté Haute House is one of the nail polish sets I bought on sale recently. I was excited to see it because I love dark, saturated colors. On the packaging it says the polishes have a “rich ink formula” and are “high pigment one stroke color.” I usually always do at least two coats, but these were good with just one (except For the Frill of It and Sass Pot). The polishes are also fast drying without using a top coat. I would still put a top coat on them for longer wear and shine, since without it they’re not super shiny.

(Click below for photos and to read more)

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Kleancolor Haul & Swatches

A few days ago I ordered 13 Kleancolor nail polishes off of ebay, mainly because I wanted some of the pastel colors. To my surprise I got them about 2 days afterwards (yesterday), and I couldn’t wait to try them. Above you’ll only see 12 because one of them (Mango Burst) came defective, incredibly thick (even the metal ball inside wouldn’t move). I wrote to the seller about it and they refunded the worth of the individual polish, which is about $1.30. It’s pretty much unusable and I couldn’t even swatch it; I don’t have any thinner, but I might go pick some up and see if that will help. All of the other colors are fine though.

For the swatches, I applied 2 coats with the exception of the sheer pastel colors which are 3. All of the photos are in natural light, although I did play around with contrast later to try to get more accurate color.

Bikini Green is an almost neon bright green. When I saw it in some photos online, it looked more pastel, until I saw it in person and realized it is much brighter. It’s a bit darker in person. Sangria Burst is pretty accurate, although it came off on camera much more orange than it is; it’s more pink.

Neon Yellow is not as neon as it is bright. As you can see from the photo, it is still kind of sheer after 2 coats. I think one more and it would’ve been opaque. Pastel Orange is pretty accurate. I wish the nail polish would’ve been slightly more orange though.

These two are among my favorites! Holo Chrome is a purple base leaning to the cool side with holo glitters in it. It was a bit sheer, but this is 2 coats, so it’s not that bad. The red is Bite Me, which I fell in love with after I saw this photo of it with a matte topcoat. In person it’s darker.

Pastel Purple is the reason why I bought these in the first place! I really love this color; it’s kind of similar to Revlon’s Flirt but lighter. Pastel Pink is brighter and more pink in person. It reminds me of OPI’s Mod About You which I recently had to throw out because it had gotten too old and thick.

The camera did not capture these well at all–also, sorry for the white spots on my nails. In this photo they look the same, but Sheer Pastel Pink is clearly pink in person, while Sheer Pastel White isn’t pink at all, just sheer white. Also, the bottles in the photo are switched, the one to the bottom right  is the sheer white, and the one above is the sheer pink. They look streaky (these are both 3 coats), but it’s because by this time I was kind of rushing to swatch and take photos before the sun went down, so I didn’t really wait between coats. Normally I would only apply 2 coats, since they’re supposed to be sheer, but I was trying to cover the stain on my nails.

Last pair! Blood is a dark red (much darker than in the photo), and I love it. I’ve been looking for a dark red that’s kind of close to maroon but brighter, and this one is perfect! I would normally apply 3 coats however, as the 2 in the photo didn’t come off as opaque as I’d like it to be. I was hesitant in getting Sheer Red, because a long time ago I purchased a sheer red from Orly (can’t remember the name now) and I didn’t like at all how it looked. But I wanted to try it again and it looked really pretty in the bottle. Turns out now I really like how it looks!

It’s been a long post! Overall, I really love these colors and didn’t even realize until I had opened the package how many reds and pinks I had gotten. I can’t wait to use them; I’ve had my nails unpainted for a couple of days now while I try to get out the stains that Sinful Color’s Innocent left on my nails. I have tried nearly everything people have suggested or that I read/watched online and nothing has worked! My tips are slightly whiter, but the rest of the nail just looks duller, but the same color. I might make a post on that later on.