Maybelline – Blue Blowout


Love this color! 1-2 coats, no topcoat. There are some bare spots on the thumb because the polish dries quickly and the brush dragged some of it. It turned out best when I applied it in quick strokes.





Sparitual – Magnify


I’m back! I gave my nails a much needed break after New Year’s and the craziness that was the 31 Day Challenge. I really wanted to do something pink, so I went with two coats of Sparitual Magnify, a Barbie pink, and topped an accent nail with some studs.

Dark Brown Stud Nails

Bronze Stud Nails

I have a lot of brown and bronze nail polishes, but I haven’t used them in a long time. So, I decided to pull out one of my favorite browns (and polishes in general): Sinful Colors Mercury Rising. I thought the color would look great with the gold studs I recently bought. I’ve been wanting to try studs for a while, but never got around to buying any online, until I saw a stud wheel on sale recently at the store.They’re kind of big for my short nails at the moment, but I think they work.

Metallic Purple Nails

Purple and Glitter Nails

My nails are so short I decided to use fake nails for this design. I don’t normally use them and these were kind of a pain to apply. I had a pack of Kiss full cover nails that was half empty and I had to do some major filing to get them to fit my nails properly. I do like the length and shape though.

I used two coats of Sinful Colors Let’s Talk, a pretty metallic purple. I had a difficult time photographing it, and it’s showing up more blue than it really is.

China Glaze’s Swanky Silk


Just bought China Glaze’s Swanky Silk recently and I really like how it looks; the photo is 2 coats. The glitter nail is wet n wild Fergie’s Flossy Flossy over the China Glaze.

Milani Texture Tainted in Red


I was so excited yesterday when I saw the Milani texture nail polish display at Walgreens! I have been wanting to try textured nails for a while now and saw some Youtube videos using salt but never got around to actually doing it. I haven’t been attracted to the recent trends of caviar and magnetic nails, but I really like these. The texture feels gritty but since it’s packed more tightly, it doesn’t feel as obvious as caviar nails. I used 2 coats, even though you could get away with just one because it’s pretty opaque, but the texture doesn’t look as even.

I bought Tainted in Red, but I was tempted to get the light blue and yellow as well. I had a hard time photographing it and the color looks more orange in the photos than it really is. It’s a tomato red–darker and more red than in the photos. Both photos above are with natural light.

It dries semi-matte and pretty quickly which is nice. However, if you’re doing more than 1 coat, I suggest waiting for a while longer even if you can tap it and it won’t smudge. I painted on 1 coat last night, and this afternoon added the second, and about 15 minutes later (after taking the photos and handling my camera) I found a tiny section had chipped off the ring finger on my left hand. Apart from that one, all the other nails are fine and I love feeling them!

Icing: Twisted Fantasy


I bought this a while ago with some other glitter polishes from Icing but hadn’t really used it until now. This is a really sheer polish; this is 3 coats and you can still see some of the nail. In person in looks darker and slightly more green. You have to place the glitter if you want a lot of it, because the brush doesn’t pick up a lot. I’m not liking how it looks on me too much right now since the stain I have on my nails is still visible. I think next time I’ll try it over a light blue base.

NYC – Glitzy Grape Glitter


NYC Glitzy Grape Glitter

The name of the NYC nail polish is a little deceiving. The nail polish is actually just a frosty pink. I used nail art glitter for the tips.