Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Jungle Nail Art

I’m really happy with how these jungle nails for the challenge turned out! At first I was going to do stamping, but after a couple tries, I didn’t like how that looked. This design ended up being a mix of things, from jungle to leopard print, but I love it. I think the deco flowers especially make it look more colorful and fun. Sadly, they really didn’t last long on my nails, but I used regular top coat, not nail glue, so I’m sure that would make a difference.

I used so many polishes, I lost track of all the greens, so I won’t list them. But I will mention that the background on the jungle nails isn’t just black, but black with a coat of sheer blue on top. Though it’s not visible in the photos, in person it makes it so you can see a blue sheen over the black parts. It’s just something I got the idea to try and ended up really liking.

I know I’m super behind on the challenge (as usual!), but I’ll try my best to get the rest of the prompts done before the month ends!


Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Paisley Nail Art

The second prompt of this month’s challenge is paisley. I personally don’t like how paisley patterns look all that much, so I went with a simple design. I still wanted to keep it a bit colorful, so I used a variety of polishes for the background and lighter shades for the paisleys themselves.

Revlon Plum Seduction, Sassy
Sinful Colors Lavender
Kiss Nail Art Soft Blue
Sparitual Shoot For The Stars

Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Cactus Nail Art

I always get the urge to do some nail challenges during the summer months! I’m a little bit late, but here’s the first prompt for this month’s Glam Nails Challenge: cactus (or cacti in this case)! I just did a cute little pattern I thought of right after seeing the prompt. The base shade, Ciaté Pretty in Putty, gave me so much trouble though. It might have been because it was a mini, but it was so streaky and thick I won’t be using it again.

The rest of the polishes I used in this design are:

Sinful Colors Envy
Revlon Sassy
Color Club Trick of the Trade

Here are the rest of the prompts for June’s challenge created by @nbnailart on Instagram. If you’re thinking of giving it a try, you should! You don’t have to stick to it 100% — just have fun with it!


Snow Sports Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

Last day of the January Glam Nails Challenge! I know it’s now February 1st, but that’s almost on time. Anyway, I really enjoyed this prompt because it’s so different from anything I’ve done. I chose to portray skiing and sledding, neither of which I’ve personally done, but maybe one day!

I began by applying two coats of Diamond Lacquer Blue Cotton, then with Hurricane Nail Art Silver drew in the background trees. After adding the snow slopes with Pure Ice Super Star, I added the pine trees with Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven. Finally, I drew the people using Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pens.

Butterfly Glitter Globe Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

The snow globe prompt gave me so much trouble. I first tried doing a neon design and stamped some snow globes on it, but it just didn’t look right. Then I tried freehanding moon and stars in the globes, but I didn’t like that either. I took a short break and tried again with this design, which I feel slightly better about.

For the base colors, I used Revlon Parfumerie China Flower and Salon Perfect Mer-Made of Money. I didn’t want to do globes on every nail, so I chose a geometric print for the red ones using plate Harunouta L040, which also has the butterflies. The globes themselves are from Harunouta L001, and I just removed the snowman which was inside. I top coated the globes with Essie Golden Nuggets for that glitter globe effect. I’ve been really liking the matte look lately, so I also used a matte top coat for these.

Desert Rider Nails – Liga Nailista Challenge

This is the final prompt for this month’s Liga Nailista Challenge, and I love these nails! The theme was desert vs tropical, and I chose desert because I’ve done a lot of tropical nails, but no desert ones before. Now that I think about it, it kind of surprises me because I love learning about ancient Egyptian history, but I’ve never done nails inspired by it.

I began by applying Revlon Peachy as an all over base color. I then used an unnamed tan polish from the brand S&C to paint in the sand. Using a dry brush technique, I added strokes up the nail to resemble sand blowing and background detail. I added the pyramids using Sparitual Mind and Sinful Colors Nirvana. After dotting in the sun with Sinful Colors Pull Over, I used OPI Color Paints Primarily Yellow to give a sunset effect to the sky. I think the rider looks good, but is that a camel or a horse — who knows?! I wanted a camel, not sure what happened, but these are my favorite from this challenge either way!

Winter Berries Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

I’m so proud of this nail art! Even though I’ve been trying to get the challenges done as fast as possible, I don’t want to post anything I’m completely unhappy with so I’ve had to redo a few of the designs this month. This is my second try at these nails and I’m so glad I didn’t stick with the first version. I looked at several winter photos online to get inspiration and one in particular had a blue jay, and I love birds so I had to add it!

Originally I used a white glitter background, but decided to tone it down for the second version and just applied three coats of Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl. I dotted in the berries using Revlon Ravishing, a bright tomato red. I freehanded the blue jay using nail art liner polishes in a couple different shades of blue, black, and white.

Pine Tree Forest Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

Why did I think I could tackle two challenges this month?? I still have several prompts left to do and the month is almost over! Anyway, here are the nails for the pine tree prompt. I’m not sure if you can tell they’re pine trees or not – I kept adding detail, then taking it away, then adding it again, and I’m still not 100% happy, but I do like the color scheme.

I used Ciaté Loop the Loop for the pastel yellow background and several green nail art polishes for the trees. I like that yellow, but as with all pastel yellows I’ve tried it’s pretty streaky, and took me about three coats for almost full opacity.

Nail Polish Nails – Liga Nailista Challenge

I think these turned out so cute! These nail polish nails are for the freehand prompt of the Liga Nailista Challenge. I could have done something a little more complex, but I got the idea to do this pattern and just went with it! I used my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens over Ciaté Chinchilla, a gray-blue. As you can see from the index nail, I started drawing them more randomly then changed my mind and decided on more of a fixed pattern, which I prefer.

As a side note, I would definitely recommend the Sally Hansen pens if you have a harder time using nail art brushes. The pens are much easier to use, but they’re a bit pricey so I’d wait for a sale. I’ve bought all of the colors and the only one I would not recommend is the Pearl White since it never shows up properly. I get the most use out of the White and Black ones in general.

Polar Bear Nails – Glam Nails Challenge Jan 2018

Here are some polar bears for the Glam Nails Challenge! I wasn’t sure how to go about this prompt at first since polar bears are kind of tricky to draw, but focusing on the silhouettes made it much easier. I used Kleancolor Metallic Aqua for the background. This is one of my favorite metallic polishes, and the Kleancolor Metallic line in general is very good. I added patches of white in the background to represent ice and an igloo in between the bears for fun!