Born Pretty Mirror Polish Review

I meant to post a review of Born Pretty’s Mirror Nail Polish months ago, but I kept putting it off. I wasn’t happy with the first set  of photos I took, and then things kept coming up. But I finally sat down and got it done! As a disclaimer, I bought this with my own money, and these are all my honest opinions from my personal experience. Anyway, it’s pretty long and has a lot of photos, so click to read more!

Mirror polish without top coat.

I bought the Mirror Nail Polish from the Born Pretty Store for $9.99. It comes with two 15 mL bottles, the polish itself and a base coat/top coat. The instructions are straightforward: apply base coat, let dry, apply a few coats of the polish after shaking it, let that dry, then apply the top coat (which is the same as the base coat). The base coat took about 3-5 minutes to fully dry, and you want it to dry conpletely otherwise the polish won’t apply smoothly and it will ruin the mirror effect.

Applying the mirror polish itself is an interesting experience. On the brush, it looks like a watery metallic, which is also how it initially goes on the nail. When you first apply a coat, it looks like a sheer metallic silver. As you add more coats, it becomes foggy, then immediately clears up to reveal the mirrored surface. It’s hard to explain without actually seeing it, but it’s really cool.

I like to apply several coats at once since the polish itself has a thin consistency and builds easily. Once it’s at full opacity it dries super fast which is a plus. It’s important to note that without the base coat the mirrored effect won’t work, it will just look metallic. I tested some of the base coats I own and only UNT Ready for Takeoff Peel Off Base Coat worked well with the mirror polish.

Once the mirror polish dries, the instructions say to apply the top coat. Here’s where things go downhill a bit. When you add the top coat (which remember, is also the base coat), you lose some of the mirrored effect. It’s still there, but it’s considerably less obvious. Over the next few hours after application the mirror effect starts to return in full, but that’s only as the top coat wears off – which leads me to one of the downsides: this is not a long wearing polish.

Mirror polish with top coat.

Without top coat, the polish lasts about half a day at most before significant fading occurs. With top coat, it’s about a day before you see some fading and chipping, depending on how much work you do with your hands. This isn’t really a problem for me since I generally don’t wear one nail design for long. On the Born Pretty site, it also states the polish isn’t meant for long-term wear so I expected it.

After a couple days of wear.

I experimented with different top coats, including Out the Door and Seche Vite, but the polish turned metallic. If you’re concerned about staying power, I’d bring the polish along for touch-ups and ditch the top coat altogether. It doesn’t have a strong scent and it dries quickly, so it’s easy to reapply.

Although it doesn’t have much staying power, it’s (ironically) difficult to remove. On more than one occasion I ended up peeling or rubbing it off when the nail polish remover took too long. If you’ve worn it for a while and it’s faded, it’s easier to take off. But if it’s freshly applied or mostly new, it takes some work.

I love the mirror effect, so I’ve tried using this polish with other techniques, including stamping and under stencils (you can see the results of that below). I’ve also used the mirror polish over regular polish colors. It works the same as it would on your bare nail as long as you apply the base coat over your chosen nail polish color and let it dry. Additionally, if you apply just one coat of the mirror polish very lightly, it gives the color underneath a chrome-like effect.

To wrap this up, I’d definitely recommend this product if you want to try the mirror effect, but you don’t use gel or want to spend a ton of money getting them professionally done. I don’t use gel myself, but still really wanted to try the mirrored look, so to me this is a great product for what you get. However, if you do use gel, I’d say go with that instead since it will be more long-lasting and you don’t have to worry about touching it up. I do plan to continue using this in the future and seeing how I can incorporate it into nail art.

Have you used this polish before? Let me know what you think!

Using stenciled flowers and a gradient on top.

Some more nail art designs using this polish:
Neon Blue Nail Art (with mirror accent)
Valentine’s Day Mirrored Nails


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    • cmynails says:

      Thank you! And I think I also prefer incorporating it with other colors, not necessarily because of the shininess in my case, but I prefer having a design of some kind. Sorry for replying so late by the way! :)


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