Julep #Coveted Swatches + Review


I bought Julep #Coveted Best of 2016 Nail Color Collection on Ulta for $28 on Cyber Monday. It’s not available there anymore, but it’s still on Julep’s official website, here. I didn’t previously own any Julep polishes, so I was really anticipating trying out this collection of their best ones.


Like the Ciaté Mini Mani Month collection I recently reviewed, I also love the packaging design on this. The box itself is pretty simple and uses a magnetic closure. It has a beautiful and intricate pattern as well as some gold foil detailing. The set comes with 12 mini (3mL) sized polishes in a variety of finishes. I only applied two coats for each swatch, though several of them could have used a couple more. I didn’t apply top coat to any of the swatches.


Lindsey  – A pretty salmon pink with silver microshimmer. I was pleasantly surprised with this one because when I first saw it in the bottle it didn’t stand out, but I love how it looks on my nails. Although it looks shiny in the photo, it has a satin finish by itself. As with the others, I applied two coats, but it was nearly opaque with just one.


Janie – On the first coat this sheer whitish-pink was a little streaky, and I’m still not satisfied with how it looks with a second coat. I’m not sure if it was the polish itself, since when I received it this was the only bottle with some polish caked around the opening, or if it was a mistake on my part. My current favorite sheer pink is Sparitual Idyllic since it goes on smoothly, though that’s more sheer and less white than this one. This polish does build opacity quickly, so with another coat it would make a nice light pink.


Regina – I don’t think my photos did this one justice. This was the best I could get, but this purple-pink with iridescent shimmer looks much better in person. I think part of the problem was that this needed a third coat, but to keep it consistent, I only used two. This is one of my favorites for sure though – not only is the purple shade super pretty, but so is the shimmer.


Shay – A seafoam green with iridescent golden shimmer. This is similar to Regina in finish as well as opacity and also needs more than two coats. Both of these polishes are fast drying and shiny.


Mickey – This was another shade that surprised me since I’ve seen a lot of similar colors so I wasn’t expecting anything too different. It’s a dark magenta with subtle pink shimmer which is only really noticeable in the bottle. On the nails it gives a slight pink sheen in the light, but otherwise the polish looks like a creme.  What I love is how smoothly it applies and that it only needed one coat (I still applied two). This polish has a semi-matte finish without a top coat.


Pepper – This is by far my favorite from this collection! Here’s another photo where you can see the shimmer clearer:


This is a medium blue with what looks like purple and silver shimmer, though I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. I noticed this one immediately and couldn’t wait to swatch it. It was almost opaque with one coat and applied smoothly.


Tali – The first coat of this silvery-blue linear holo came out patchy, but that was easily fixed on the second coat. Here’s a photo with flash:


I was slightly disappointed when I swatched this shade, since I was hoping the holographic finish would be stronger, but I did have to take the photos indoors. Applying a shiny top coat and looking at these under the sunlight would probably make the holo more obvious.


Andie – This glitter is a combination of pastel and dark blue hex, micro, and bar glitters in a clear base. It’s my least favorite from the collection as I don’t like how it looks on my nails. Normally I’d wear a glitter like this over a base color anyway, but I’m just not a fan of this glitter. However, it is dense and has good coverage for just two coats.


Celeste – An iridescent glitter in a black base. I’d say this definitely needs more than two coats for full opacity. When I first saw it in the bottle, I was excited to try it, but once it was on my nails I didn’t like it as much. It was difficult to apply, leaving some areas sheerer than others, and the glitters didn’t stand out as much.


Finley – A dark teal blue creme. This one had good coverage on the first coat and dried quickly. I think this shade would look great fully matte, though by itself it has a decent shine.


Hayley – This burgundy with purple undertones was a bit tricky to apply. When I first saw it, I thought it would only take one coat, but even on the second there were still some areas looking sheer. I do love this shade of red though, especially for pedicures.


Mariah – I’m a sucker for purples, so it’s no surprise this was another of my favorites. A dark purple with red undertones and blue shimmer, this one only needed two coats for full coverage. Here’s another photo:


Overall, I’m glad I ordered this collection. It was nice to try out some Julep polishes since I’ve been wanting to for a while. I found that for the most part, these all dried relatively quickly and most had a satin or semi-matte finish, so I would definitely use top coat with all of them. My favorite is Pepper, I just can’t get enough of that one! At regular price, the collection is kind of expensive, especially since they’re all minis, so I’d suggest waiting for a sale if you can.

Hope you liked the swatches, I’m trying out a new light box I DIY’d, and I still have to perfect the lighting. I’ll be posting some more holiday designs soon as well!


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