Ciaté Mini Mani Month 2016 Swatches + Review


This Cyber Monday I did a lot of shopping for Christmas gifts, and of course I couldn’t resist picking up a few nail polish items along the way, including Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month 2016A few years back I bought the 2013 advent calendar, and hadn’t tried any since, so I was excited when I saw this year’s edition on sale.


The box the polishes come in is pretty big and opens like a book. I really love the packaging’s design and purple-gold color scheme. Inside, each item comes in its own smaller box with either a quote or some information on it. Overall, there are 24 items: 17 mini polishes, 1 regular sized polish, 2 glitter toppers, 2 treatments, 1 top coat, and 1 nail file. I’ll be honest, I could have done without the nail file. I’ve already got a ton of files and would have preferred another polish or glitter instead. I haven’t had a chance to try the treatments yet (Status Grow and Nail Saviour), but I have tried the glitters and swatched all the polishes.

The top coat and most of the nail polishes are part of their Gelology line. I didn’t apply top coat to the swatches (which are 2 coats by the way), but I did use it on the nail art I did, which I’ll link at the end. It didn’t smear and dried relatively quickly,  in about 5-10 minutes. I normally change my polish often, so I can’t comment on the longevity of it, but I did apply it on some nail art and had that on for 3-4 days without any fading or chipping.

ciate_swatcheslightciate_darkswatches(Click photos to enlarge them.)

In terms of color selection, I think there’s a good amount of variety in both shades and finishes. I already have dupes for a few of them (such as Sinful Colors’ Supernova which is practically identical to Goal Digger), but if you don’t have many polishes, this would be a good option to try out some new colors. Out of the entire pack, the only duplicate I got is Boudoir, which I already had from their 2013 advent calendar.


My favorites so far are definitely the two nail topper glitters, All That Jazz and Starry Night. I also love the purple shades, Chain Reaction and Ibiza Blues. Overall, I’m really enjoying this kit and would definitely recommend it, though at $59 it’s on the pricier side, so if you can get it on sale like I did, that’s even better!

I recently posted two nail art designs using this kit if you’re interested in checking those out:




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