31DC2014(!) Summary

I was looking back through my old 31 Day Challenge summaries when I realized I never made one for 2014. At first I wasn’t going to post it since it’s been so long, but I figured that for continuity’s sake I might as well! Photos with links to the posts are below!

31dc2014red  31dc2014orange  31dc2014yellow  31dc2014green  31dc2014blue
31DC2014Violet  31dc2014bw
31dc2014metallic  31dc2014rainbow   31dc2014gradient  31dc2014polkadots31dc2014stripes  31dc2014animalprint31dc2014flowers  31dc2014delicate31dc2014geometric  31dc2014glitter
31dc2014halfmoon2  31dc2014galaxies
31dc2014watermarble  31dc2014color
31dc2014song2  31dc2014moviepooh
31dc2014book  31dc2014fashion
31dc2014pattern  31dc2014artwork
31dc2014flag  31dc2014supernatural
31dc2014tutorial  31dc2014nailsulove


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