31DC2016 Inspired by Art – Helen Frankenthaler, Faerie Tale


For today’s art prompt, I based my nail art off an amazing abstract painting by Helen Frankenthaler called Faerie TaleThe painting is predominantly shades of green with some coral and faint purplish tones. It has a very whimsical nature that attracted me right away. Because my nails are so short at the moment (after having broken three of them), I didn’t want to do a design that required too much space. For this reason I didn’t try to reproduce the painting too closely on my nails, instead going for the overall feel and color scheme.


This has been one of my favorite nail art designs I’ve done in a while. I love the pink and green smudged background and how the sharp green lines stand out against it. I used a sponge to dab on the polishes to achieve a softer look, but a watercolor approach would work just as well. The colors aren’t as well blended as in Frankenthaler’s painting, but I don’t mind the textured look. One aspect I don’t think shows up well in the photos is the light green I painted over a section of the white before sponging on the rest of the colors. I was trying to represent the upper part of the painting which doesn’t have any of the abstract designs.


I love how bold and colorful Helen Frankenthaler’s art is. A few years ago I did nail art inspired by another of her paintings, which you can see here. I definitely recommend checking out her other work. The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation is a good place to start as it has many of her paintings and prints (though not all of them).

Sinful Colors Mindy
Sinful Colors Olympia
Sinful Colors Lavender
Sparitual Weathered The Storm
Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil
Revlon Jaded


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