31DC2016 Inspired by a Song – Beyoncé’s Lemonade


I couldn’t decide on just one song for today’s prompt, so instead I went for the album itself: Beyoncé’s LemonadeI’ve been loving this album since it came out, and have watched the movie several times. At first I was considering doing either “Sorry” or “All Night,” my two favorite songs, but then I remembered the fruit stamping plate I have and settled on a lemon mani. The specific plate I used is Y004, which I bought from the Born Pretty Store. I’ve previously used this plate in another fruit mani you can check out here (I didn’t include the lemons in that one).


Thankfully, I didn’t have a hard time with the stamping in this design. I used Sally Hansen Black Out which stamps really well. Stamping over the green stripes required me to fill in the lemons with white first or else the green would show through. I used Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Yellow and Green to fill in the lemons and leaves. I only had them in Black and White before but they’re so useful I went and bought more colors the other day. The green stripes are UNT Olive Branch and the pastel yellow is Ciaté Loop the Loop.

I’m not sure if this design is super representative of the album apart from the lemons, but it’s so bright and cheerful looking, I love it!


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