31DC2016 Delicate – Fading Leaves


Delicate is one of those prompts that always manages to cause me some frustration. Thankfully this year it wasn’t as bad, though I did spend time debating with myself if these were “delicate” enough.

I knew I wanted to do stamping for this prompt since I have several plates with delicate-like images that I’ve been wanting to use for a while. My stamping has improved considerably, especially since I’ve been doing more of it lately, and I didn’t struggle too much when doing these. Though I don’t have stamping polishes, it didn’t matter in this case that the white polish was faded since that was the look I was going for.


The gradient consists of two polishes: Sally Hansen White On, which I also used for stamping, and OPI Turquoise Aesthetic. The Born Pretty stamping plate I used is BP-L 001, which has floral designs. The image was big enough for the size of my nails, but since they’re so curved, there were some areas where the image didn’t transfer. That was a minor issue, however, since I was focusing the image on just half of the nails.

After posting these, I realized this design is really similar in style to another delicate themed one I did in 2014, except that one featured lace and the color pink. You can check it out here, if you’re interested!


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