31DC2016 Metallic – Foil & Caviar


This design reminds me of a globe, with the water and continents – I love the color scheme! Originally for the metallic prompt I was going to do something pink and gold, but then I remembered I had leftover foil from a kit I’d bought some time ago. I can’t remember what kit it’s from, but it comes in gold, silver, and gold with blue streaks, which is what I used for this design. This isn’t like other foil I’ve used in the past which requires foil glue. Both sides are colored on this one and it has a softer, crumbling texture. After breaking up the pieces, I just pressed them onto the nearly dry polish and it stuck. I found that even after applying top coat, it didn’t crinkle as much and still maintained a strong metallic look. I really like it and will definitely try to use it more in the future.


The polish I used is an old one I’ve had for a long time, Revlon Ocean, a metallic turquoise. It’s got great coverage and opacity, though I did use two coats, just in case. If you’re interested in other designs with this nail polish, one of my very first posts was using this color and some rhinestones, here.


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