31DC2016 Yellow – Neon Triangles


I’m really happy with how this design turned out, though it ended up being a long process. Instead of just drawing the triangles, I decided to try my hand at making nail polish decals using a plastic baggie. I had never done this before and wasn’t sure how easy the nail polish would peel up. I was surprised to find that while some colors peeled off quickly and easily, others took much more effort. I even ripped parts of the baggie on several occasions (particularly with the gray, Sinful Colors Slate) trying to separate the polish. I’m not sure what makes one polish easier to peel than another since I gave them all an equal number of thick coats.


Placing the triangles on the nail wasn’t hard at all, though I had some issues with bubbling once I applied the top coat. I love this color combination – it’s super bright and the neon yellow (Salon Perfect Yowza Yellow) goes well with my skin tone. The only aspect I would change is the sheer polish. I used Ciaté Amazing Gracie which unfortunately caused some streaks and unevenness.


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