Summer Nail Art – Glittering Seashore


This is the second design in my summer nail art series. I knew I wanted to do a beach, and I definitely wanted to use some tint nail polishes to create a watery gradient. I first applied two coats of Sinful Colors Espionage, a cream colored polish. I considered adding more detail to the sand, but I wasn’t happy with any of the ideas I had for that, so I left it plain. For the water, I sponged on Sparitual Emerald City, a light teal tint, and OPI Turquoise Aesthetic, a darker teal tint. I tried to be kind of messy with the gradient so the water would look more natural.


I wanted the water to have a shimmering appearance and more of a 3D look, so I applied two glitters over it: Sinful Colors Green Ocean and Milani Blue Flash. Finally, I added AB rhinestones in a star shape on my ring finger and a shell shape on my thumb. I had originally drawn them in pink (you can still see the pink a little under the rhinestones), but I didn’t like the look of it at all. I think the rhinestones are a much better complement to the glitter and really bring the whole design together.


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