Metallic Watercolor Nails Using OPI Color Paints


I don’t have many sheer tint polishes, so I was really happy when I found the OPI Color Paints Kit at my mall. The kit comes with a total of six polishes: one silver polish called Silver Canvas Undercoat, and five color tints:

Primarily Yellow
Chromatic Orange
Pen & Pink
Purple Perspective
Turquoise Aesthetic

I used all of the colors for this look, but applied two tints per nail. I used a sponge to dab them on to give a watercolor effect. I love how easy it is to mix the colors, which is especially helpful for gradients. The only color that gave me a bit of a hard time was Primarily Yellow, as it wasn’t showing up as strongly as the others. Once they were all applied it did look more noticeable though. I varied the order of colors on my other hand because I liked the pink and orange combination so much that I wanted to show it off on two nails.


Silver Canvas Undercoat is a standard metallic silver. At first I wasn’t too thrilled about having it in the kit because I already have several silver polishes like it (such as ELF Liquid MetalSparitual Looking Glass, and a couple others) in my collection. But it does go well with the color paints, even makes them slightly metallic, which looked amazing. As a final touch, I added rhinestones to the middle of the nail.


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