Easter 2016 Nail Art


These nails started out very different from what I ended up with. I was originally going for a light pastel look, but as I looked through designs of decorated eggs, I wanted to use more vivid colors instead. I went for a pattern of eggs that covered the whole nail, so instead of doing more elaborate designs, I just gave them random dot patterns.

To make the eggs, I first painted the oval shape in white, then used various colors over them so they would look more vibrant. The white was especially important because I was painting over the pastel background. All the colors I’ve used are listed below. Originally I was going to leave the pastel behind the eggs, but thought black would help the colors stand out more, so I used my Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Pen Black to fill in all the areas between the eggs. I like it, though I think it looks better from far away. I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Sinful Colors Pull Over, Most Sinful
Milani 3D Cyberspace, Hi-Res
Color Club Edie
Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose
Sparitual Illume


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