St. Patrick’s Day 2016: Green Glitter Nails


I don’t wear a lot of green nail art, but I love the base color I used for these nails: Color Club Mini EdieIt’s a neon green polish, not as vivid as others I’ve seen, but still bright. I used two coats since one alone wasn’t opaque enough. I honestly just wanted to wear it alone because I thought the green looked great, but I decided to do something a bit more festive.


I topped it with several coats of Funky Fingers Glitter Explains It All. This is such a fun glitter, but it was a pain fishing it out of the bottle. Normally I use a sponge to absorb the excess clear base, but even that wasn’t working well this time. Instead I just dabbed it on in layers and that worked better.

I thought about drawing clovers or writing ‘Lucky’ on it, but I just preferred leaving it as is. I do have another St. Patrick’s Day design planned though.



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