Recreating My First Nail Art: Tiger Stripes


When I was getting into nail art the first design I did (not including French tips) was tiger stripes. I used to have mainly red and pink polishes, but my mom had an amazing metallic orange – specifically Rimmel 60 Seconds Candy Cake. I loved this polish, but I’m not sure if the line was discontinued or what, but I haven’t been able to find it since. I tried to preserve my bottle for as long as I could, but last year I finally threw it out. Since then I’ve been trying to find a good replacement, and I think I finally did: Pure Ice Magic. I wouldn’t call it a dupe since it’s more bronze than orange, but it’s close.


This design was really quick to do, but my striper was a bit dried out for some reason, so the lines were not as smooth as I would have liked. I do love how shiny they turned out though. Pure Ice Magic alone has a good shine, but a lot of it came from the top coat I used, Out The Door. It’s my current favorite at the moment because of how quickly it dries and the high shine it gives.


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