My Favorite Nail Art From 2015

Several bloggers have already posted their favorite designs from last year (two that inspired me to do this specifically are PiggieLuv and Lacquer Lockdown, both which have incredible designs!) and it’s been really fun reading the posts and looking back at all the nail art from 2015. So I thought it would be a cool idea to pick 10 of my own favorites. Read more below!

These are in no particular order, but I have split them up by nail art I’ve done for challenges and non-challenge nail art. There’s no reason for that really, except that I love categorizing things!

Stamped Fruit Nail Art

Stamped Fruit Nail Art – Stamping is definitely not one of my strong points, so I’m super proud of this design. I love fruit manis so as soon as I saw this stamping plate I had to get it. This is also when I learned I could use tint polishes to color in the stamped images. This had never occurred to me until I saw a few tutorials on it – it feels like a whole new stamping world has opened up for me now! I definitely want to do more stamping designs this year.

Rock Inspired Nails

Nail It! Magazine Cover Inspired Nails – I loved the rock inspired nails Ashley Craig created for Nail It! so I recreated them in turquoise. I did these early on in the year and they feel so summery now that I’m surrounded by snow. I used a sheer polish in this to get an effect of depth. Not sure I like my natural nails being so visible near the tips, but overall this is still a favorite.

Navajo Dusk Step 3 Nails

Navajo Inspired Nails – I did this design for the Neiru Fine Lines Workshop. Red, white, and black is a great color combination and I love how intricate the shapes look together. Apart from a few mistakes, I think my lines turned out pretty good too.

PLL Nails

Pretty Little Liars Nail Art – I love PLL, even with all its craziness, so of course these are in my top 10. I might do a design just using the style of the thumb and ring nails since I really liked that effect. I can’t wait for 6B next week!


Sunday Comics Newspaper Nail Art – Newspaper nails are so fun and easy to do. While I’ve done them in the past using text, this is the first time I used only images. I was surprised by how well the colors transferred. Doing your non-dominant hand is also easy to do with this technique – you can see my right hand on the blog post.


31DC2015 Red Nails – First nails I did for the 31 Day Challenge last year. Fire has always been kind of difficult for me to paint and make look semi-realistic, but these turned out much better than I expected, so I think they deserve a spot on this list for sure.


31DC2015 Yellow Nails – I don’t normally use yellow as a base color, in fact, I barely have any yellow polish at all, but I love how bright and sunny these nails are. I also really like the green glitter accent nail and the hints of green I used on the rest of the nails.


31DC2015 Fashion Nails – My favorite overall for the 31 Day Challenge. This was a mess to do since I forgot to tape my fingers beforehand (go figure!), but it was worth it. Honestly I think any color combined with black and white looks amazing. If you’re looking for designs that are easy to create on both hands, this is one of those. The water spotting technique is great for non-dominant hands since most of the work happens in the water.


Halloween 2015 Spooky Ghost Nail Art – I’m so proud of my drawing skills here – even the teddy is surprised! I rarely use all acrylic paints in my designs, but I have to say, it’s much easier painting nails with them. I think these are my favorite Halloween nails I’ve ever done.


Christmas 2015 Santa Nail Art – Though this is one of the simpler designs I did for the Holiday challenge, it’s still one of my favorites. It’s the first time I used the metal ring decorations which have got to be my current nail obsession at the moment, plus Santa’s beard and hat look so fluffy. I love it!

31dc2015rainbow2I have to include an honorable mention: my 31DC2015 Rainbow Ice Cream Treats Nails. The little ice cream cones are so cute and I had lots of fun designing the different flavors.

Anyway, that wraps up my favorite nail art designs from 2015. In total, I posted over 70 designs last year! That’s a lot of cotton balls and acetone. Which are your favorites? Hopefully this year I can do even more!


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