31DC2015 Animal Print – Koi Scales


Animal print is one of my favorite prompts for this challenge because there are so many possibilities. I had a lot of fun with this dotticure and it was so quick to do. I began with two coats of Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen – which actually does smell like fabric softener. I then placed random clusters of dots using Sparitual Kindness. This is a beautiful orange with gold shimmer that is perfect for the fall season (I definitely want to use this color as a base for another design soon). I looked up some koi photos and tried to mimic how the scales looked in terms of color. There are many varieties of koi, but the one I used as a guide had some black in the orange parts, so I added black dots as well. For the white/gray scales, I mixed Fresh Paint Firefly with Fresh Linen, then placed them in the open areas, making sure to leave some uncovered space so they would actually look like distinct dots.


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