Halloween 2015 – Trick or Treat! Nail Art


I’m so happy to have completed this challenge on time! It was a lot of fun and I loved all the Halloween designs I did and seeing everyone else’s. I decided to do ‘Treat’ for today, since my previous ones for this challenge were more on the spookier side – plus, Halloween candy is the best!

The background is Sinful Colors Dream On, a dark neon purple. I first drew the lollipops with Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Pen in White. It’s the first time I’ve used these pens (I also bought a black one), and so far they’re working pretty well. I did have some issues with them dragging the nail polish as I was drawing, so I suggest letting the nail polish completely dry before using them. I’m glad I bought them though, it will make writing on my nails a lot easier. Lastly, I used Sinful Colors Nail Art Sunset and Hurricane Nail Art Yellow to color in the lollipops and create the stripes.

I guess it’s back to the 31 Day Challenge now!


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