Halloween 2015 – Haunted House Nail Art


Today’s theme is Haunted House/Graveyard! I’m not that good at drawing houses, so my haunted house just ended up looking like a regular house, but at least the streaky windows look a little creepy.

For the background, I started with two coats of Color Club Portfolio, an amazing purple-green duochrome. I’m so in love with this color! A lot of my duochromes tend to be super sheer and disappointing, but this one went on opaque in two coats. By the time I finished the design I had covered up most of it though, so I definitely need to use this polish again soon; the purple with green shine is so perfect for Halloween.

I used creams for the rest of the colors: Kleancolor Bikini Green for the grass, Wet ‘n’ Wild On a Trip for the house, and Sinful Colors Citrine for the orange glow in the sky. I think the tombstones and the houses came out pretty good, but the spooky tree looks a bit weird.


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