Halloween 2015 – Jack-o-Lanterns Nail Art


I’m taking a short break from the 31DC2015 during October to do a Halloween themed challenge. I might still upload some 31 Day Challenge nails in between though. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I’m very excited about this! I found the challenge through Instagram, but I’ll also be uploading my designs on here as usual. Here’s more info:


This Jack-o-Lantern mani was super quick to do since I did it last minute. I just used two coats of Ciaté Hopscotch, a bright orange. This wouldn’t have been my first choice if I had a burnt orange color, but unfortunately I don’t. Using black acrylic paint, I added the faces. For some weird reason I couldn’t remember how Jack-o-Lanterns looked like so I had to do an image search to jog my memory. They were looking too plain with just the orange and black though, so I added Hurricane Nail Art Yellow to make them look lit up. Finally, since I wasn’t too happy with the orange, I added stripes of a shimmery orange (Sinful Colors Nail Art Sunset) to make the background less flat.



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